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I have been digging into/trying to document the best way to implement custom Minor Factions for myself.

So far i am having trouble getting around the Minor Faction Lords having to be part of what i assume is_main_culture="true"?

In my tests so far when trying to "correct" the Skolderbroda Minor Faction Lords to be part of Culture.nord and not Culture.sturgia, i have tried to do so by editing the [SandBox]spspecialcharacters.xml and [SandBoxCore]spcultures.xml files.

I noticed that Culture id="nord" is_main_culture="false" while adding a few extra names for generating characters assigned the Nord culture in spcultures.xml

<Culture id="nord"
      <name name="{=1s10karu}Eiríkr" />
      <name name="{=kxildnd1}Magni" />
      <name name="{=43llxrvj}Biǫrn" />
      <name name="{=sl8cpkxd}Hrólfr" />
      <name name="{=vmobcha7}Arni" />
      <name name="{=fuhnahlm}Þor" />
      <name name="{=4dyw8mhm}Þorsteinn" />
      <name name="{=ig8zAo8f}Ragnarr" />
      <name name="{=7qlilk76}Magnús" />
      <name name="{=v5ny50ly}Sigmundr" />
      <name name="{=7wev38lu}Þróndr" />
      <name name="{=s8l7et9n}Leifr" />
      <name name="{=cxujv951}Knútr" />
      <name name="{=12tem48o}Haraldr" />
      <name name="{=80rfs1ez}Hákon" />
      <name name="{=cxujv951}Ívarr" />
      <name name="{=gcj9hwwo}Guðmundr" />
      <name name="{=L0fuYckc}Þrúðr" />
      <name name="{=j601zrg6}Sigríðr" />
      <name name="{=o0daqv35}Þóra" />
      <name name="{=cxujv951}Sǫlveig" />
      <name name="{=9s86clsq}Sif" />
      <name name="{=43llxrvj}Gunnhildr" />
      <name name="{=11co3il3}Hildr" />
      <name name="{=fi7yw3nn}Ásfríðr" />
      <name name="{=4dyw8mhm}Tófi" />
      <name name="{=70fwk71x}Alfdís" />
      <name name="{=cxujv951}Yrsa" />
      <name name="{=xy8kub38}Iðunnr" />
      <name name="{=cz6dggsh}Jóðdís" />
      <name name="{=mcafql10}Gyða" />
      <name name="{=tlbwha9y}Ingiríðr" />
      <name name="{=dujmsuya}Signý" />

Staring a new Campaign generating the Skolderbroda Minor Lords placed them in Culture.battania when i had changed them to Culture.nord in spspecialcharacters.xml

<!-- skolderbrotva -->
<NPCCharacter id="spc_skolderbrotva_leader_0" name="{=OzjuQYGH}of the Skolderbroda" voice="curt" is_template="true" default_group="Infantry" is_hero="false" culture="Culture.nord" occupation="Lord">
      <face_key_template value="NPCCharacter.villager_sturgia" />
    <!--<Hero id="spc_skolderbrotva_leader_0" faction="Faction.skolderbrotva" clan="Clan.skolderbrotva"/>-->

No idea how that happens at the moment. I am just guessing Culture.nord is somehow skipped/not present while loading localized text xml and "defaults" to Culture.battania for reasons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This leads to my assumption mentioned above that it seems Minor Lords need to be part of a Culture (aka old Faction value) that is_main_culture="true"

Anyone have any experience/thoughts/feedback on what i might be missing and how this works?

PS: One observation i just remembered at the end 😅

While editing the Minor Lords name= value in spspecialcharacters.xml it seems to not to carry over to a new game.

A pretty good example would be <NPCCharacter id="spc_lakepike_leader_0" name="{=WNyWySAH}of the lakepike" which is what TaleWorlds provided in current e1.3.1 .xml while the lords in new game are called [INSERT CULTURE GENERATED NAME] of the Lake Rats (which in their case is a name listed under Culture.sturgia)

This especially makes me think i'm really missing something and there is likely another .xml? involved with the initial generation of the Minor Lords as well?

Skål 🍻

PPS: In regards to prefix in name="{=___}___" for example: name="{=OzjuQYGH}of the Skolderbroda" from what i have gathered so far it is related to translation and corresponding strings. So is it "best practice" to just create my own randomized 8 length prefix? I'm not considering translations of my own editing, however it feels "messy" having copy/pasted the same prefixes all over the place.
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Friendly bump.

So far i have not had any luck wrapping my head around this one.