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Hi there!

I love the ITNJ mod, but I'm really bored by how long it takes me to recruit cavalry, which is what I love. Consequently, I started researching how to edit troops in a Warband mod.

Of course, I don't understand half of it, but I more or less understood that I could edit the txt from an editor like Morgh's or Unofficial Troops Editor, without the need to install Python or use ModSys.

I'm excited to add cavalry troops to the mercenary trees (Poor Knights, Italian Mercenary...), so I could upgrade the troops available in the taverns to cavalry without having to wait centuries to belong to an Order. My psychedelic crash comes when, no matter how much I make sure to do it right (Update in each troop edition and Save at the end with backup, basically), then in the game it hasn't worked. If I go back to the editor, the Upgrades path appears as saved in troops.txt. That is to say, mental explosion.

In Morgh's official post thread, they seem to clarify that it's no longer compatible with the latest Warband updates, and I guess it will be the same with Unoffician Troops Editor, so I just have to ask myself (ask you):

1 - Is it an incompatibility of the editors with the mod (ITNJ 1.63) or with my version of Warband (1.163)?
2 - In any case, how could I edit the ITNJ troop tree, is it with Python? Can't it be done without ITNJ ModSys? I can't find any tutorial other than using Morgh's or similar.

Thanks a lot in advance!
1. It depends if the mod's source code features some new commands/ features from newer versions of Warband that can break the editors' compatibility.
2. If you cannot do something with editors, you need the mod's source code. Simple as that.
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