[ECS4] European Championship Series 4

Season 4 of the European tournament for Warband.

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[ECS4] Challenger Group (Highest Virtue Challenger Champion)

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Congratulations to the top 4 teams who have made it to the KO stage. Please complete your Pick/Ban for maps and factions by Thursday. Pick order below. The higher finishing team is considered team 1.

Team 1 - Ban
Team 2 - Ban
Team 1 - Ban
Team 2 - Ban
Team 1 - Pick (Map 1)
Team 2 - Pick (map 1)

Semi final factions:

Map 1 Vaegirs vs Nords
Map 2 Rhodoks vs Sarranids


Sergeant at Arms
HV - Ban Castellum
7cie - Ban Sandiboush
HV - Ban Waterfall
7cie - Ban Verloren

HV - Pick Naval Outpost
7cie - Pick Frosthaven


Sergeant at Arms
Team 1 (Sbo) - Ban San'di'boush
Team 2 (MF) - Ban River Village
Team 1 (Sbo) - Ban Frosthaven
Team 2 (MF) - Ban Waterfall

Team 1 (Sbo) - Pick Ruins
Team 2 - (MF) - Pick Legacy

So the matchup is as follows:
Ruins: Vaegirs vs Nords
Legacy: Rhodoks vs Sarranids


Sergeant at Arms
Team 1 (KT) Ban - River Village
Team 2 (BT) Ban - Sandi'boush
Team 1 (KT) Ban - Baierteas
Team 2 (BT) Ban - Fort of Honour

Team 1 (KT) Picks - Legacy Town
Team 2 (BT) Picks - Waterfall

Welcome to the Challenger group KT and BT! With a lot of training you might be able to match us!!!!!


Sergeant at Arms
Just letting everyone know I've informed the 7e that we're giving them the auto win for the 3rd place. Many of our players do not really see the point in deciding who ends 3rd or 4th and accept the loss.
All in all our team enjoyed this tournament, with the exception of some severe server issues.

Thanks to the hosters for doing a great job with organising everything, congrats on the 3rd place 7e (you beat us so it makes sense) and good luck Sbo and HV in the upcoming finals.
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