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[ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

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Only 7 maps announced so far, I assume they are gonna add a few more (WNL and NC2016 had 10). If not for qualifier but maybe for the main thing.


Hey - new to this chat - only 4 teams can qualify right? So does that mean these 2 new formed teams are in qualifiers? Does that mean only 2 out of the initial teams in qualifiers have a chance of qualifying XD?
Colonel Horyse said:
Hey - new to this chat - only 4 teams can qualify right? So does that mean these 2 new formed teams are in qualifiers? Does that mean only 2 out of the initial teams in qualifiers have a chance of qualifying XD?

The two new teams could fight one another you never know :wink:


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BlackTide is coming back this evening, we'll discuss the maximum stuff we can, and we'll get back to you asap. Thank for your feedback guys anyways.


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Aura (Zaffa) said:
Admins should consider using the new NA closed map Legacy Town for the tournament.

The map has done well in testing and will be part of the upcoming UNAC tournament.
Map pool is very good maybe except Castellum. Pls spare us untested crappy maps at least in probably the last tournament.
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions on the tournament format and invitations.

The admins recognise that some teams in the qualifying stages feel as though the teams they are facing should have been invited. Whilst they may feel this way, it was not known to us at the time the invitations were being sent out that these teams would participate. There was no confirmation from either PUB or DRNGD that they would be participating in the tournament until they entered their teams on the day. We can only deal with the tools and information that we have.

The invitations were sent out on the basis of past performances and current activity. There is very little for the admins to consider when a team has not existed before and when we were only made aware of its existence at the end of the sign up period. In past tournaments, new teams made up of well-respected players were not given special preference: AE started in the bottom division of their first tournament, KURWA went through the qualifiers of the first ECS as did Nameless.

We think that this is a sound precedent. Teams are more than the sum of their parts, a team with good players does not necessarily make a good team – the performance many Nations Cup Teams and ‘all star’ teams show this. It also reinforces a sense of continuity in the community if players know that continually forming and disbanding teams will not lead to them having special privilege in tournaments.

It is important to remember that the ECS is designed to be a high level competition with the best teams thrown into an intense knockout round stage. Its invitational format is inherent elitist and ECS has always been run with that in mind. Concerns about those teams in the qualifying stages being knocked out early have no bearing on the end result of the tournament or its mission statement, the best team will win and all teams in the qualifying stages have the opportunity to go on and win the tournament. To put it bluntly, if a team gets beaten and knocked out then it’s tough luck.

In the interests of inclusion, we will be looking at an ECL style tournament for those teams that do not make the full knockout stage. In addition, the next WNL style tournament will be more sensitive than the ECS to those mid-tier teams as has always been the case.

We have no intention of redesigning the tournament format.

We will be carrying out a final review of the map pool, with small changes in mind. Anyone wishing to put forward a map for inclusion should contact one of the admins quickly.

We're gonna have a kick ass tournament.
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