[ECL2] Closing Thoughts, Awards And Thanks

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Prince Apollo said:
So true :razz:

Miracle Express said:
Admins didn't have much experience and didn't know what to do in many  situations. Involving or creating personal problems towards players and try to make fun of it on stream or so. It is like humiliating someone with sarcasm but ECL got hurted with that imo.

Anyone with any issues with admin decisions should instead consider how free they were themselves with admin passwords causing the semi-finals incident, their constant complaints about any streamer which affected pretty much every possible stream (resulting in blanket go ahead for all streams), and the persistent double clanning that occurred first. The ECL was a moment of spotlight on the teams that tend to be less successful, you'd hope to find things less underhanded here but in fact it was more. Disappointing.

I'm happy with most admin responses this tournament. Anyone feeling hard done by will mostly find they were treated equally if they look into it.

Congrats to the medallists and thanks to all that helped run this.
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