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[ECL1] Signups

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Efe Karacar said:
Can players from the dropped teams in qualifiers play?

Anyone who is not currently on an ECS roster can play. If a player is on an ECS roster but has not played an official ECS match yet, they can play for an ECL team. However once they have played for an ECL team they will not be able to participate in this season of the ECS.


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Ok, thanks.

so just to sum up..

If you have played in an official match in the current ECS, you can not transfer teams. simple. 

If you have not participated in an Official match in the ECS, You are free to transfer to any team. again simple. 

the ECS qualifier tournament has no bearing on transfers or team selection of the ECL because those who qualified are in the ECS and those who didn't are the target demographic of the ECL... simples.



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Yeah, as you said, we should make the deadline tomorrow. And probably the ladder should be 4 matches? Or 5 matches?
Sounds cool that it starts on Monday.
If I understood right...if a player already played in ECS then they can't play in ECL aye?
Thanks for your hard work
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