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European Challenge League


Roster Rules
  • Players and their IDs should be added to a roster prior to playing a match.
  • If a player is on a roster but has not played for a team then they will be able to move to a different team.
  • Should a player not be on a roster and play for a team, then then the player will be treated as a member of that team and will be added to their roster. If that player was already on another team's roster then the team and the player will face punishment, likely a ban for one week to a ban for the rest of the tournament, though that is down to the discretion of the admins.
  • Players who have played in an official ECL match may not transfer teams for the duration of the tournament.
  • Players may not participate in both the ECL and the ECS. Playing a match in 1 eliminates the possibility to play in the other.
  • Teams that come 4th in their ECS groups will be allowed to participate in the ECL. That also means that players in teams that are knocked out as 4th place will be allowed to play for ECL teams.
  • Teams may only play 2 or less players that are not currently on their roster in a match. Rounds in which more than 2 unregistered players have played for a team count as lost.

Tournament Rules
  • The ECL consists of only one stage and fixtures will be made using Swiss System. This means that teams will be matched with opponents with the most similar record. This will be done first by points, then by matches won and then by round difference. However, two teams may not face each other twice on consecutive fixture weeks.
  • Teams are sorted firstly by total points, secondly by round difference and thirdly by rounds won.
  • Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  • Factions and maps for the first stage will be determined using a random number generator and they will all be selected in advance. For the knockout stage a pick/ban process, the same as the ECS, will be used. Factions will be preselected, as in the first stage.
  • The ECL will last for 5 weeks, followed by the single elimination bracket of the top 4, lasting for another 2 weeks.

Behaviour Rules
  • Players must be respectful and polite to their opponents on both server and ECL board. If teams repeatedly show a poor attitude and display rudeness they will be punished by the tournament admins on case-by-case basis.
  • Modifying any texture files, excluding modified crosshairs, in order to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited. Any player or team that is found to have modified textures in order to gain an advantage will immediately be banned from the tournament.
  • Players that attempt to utilize any kind of autoblock, aimbot or any other game modification that gives them an advantage will be immediately banned from the tournament.
  • Should admins receive repeated complains about a team wasting time, the team will be investigated and could face punishment, decided on case-by-case basis. This includes waiting for lengthy times between sets and map swaps, being extremely difficult to schedule with and other problems.

Match Rules
  • Combat Speed: Medium, Friendly Fire %100, Round Time: 240 seconds, Game Type: Battle, Re-spawn time: 8 sec, Gold: All set to %100, Camera: team member’s view, forced MoF spawn on 2 minutes.
  • Both teams have 15 minutes to gather their players on the booked server and begin the match. If a team fails to turn up 15 minutes after the scheduled match time then the team present has to contact an admin immediately. They may be awarded a default wins as soon as a tournament admins declares the team a no show. If you have problems starting your match make sure to contact a referee.
  • Every match will be 16 rounds long and will have 2 maps. For each map 8 rounds will be played. After 4 rounds, spawns and factions will be switched.
  • Teams may field up to 8 players. This number can be increased if both teams agree. Teams with less than 8 players may play on or forfeit the match. The other team is under no obligation to match the other team's numbers. If a team fails to turn up with at least 5 players 15 minutes after the agreed start, the other team has to contact an admin or referee immediately and may be awarded with a default win.
  • If a team fails to turn up with at least 5 players for the first time, they will be given a warning, for the second time they will be deducted three points and for the third time they will be kicked from the tournament.
  • Spectators are allowed unless one team wants to play without spectators. This rule doesn't apply to tournament admins, referee and streamers.
  • Spectating the match by joining a team after the spawn period is not allowed at any given point. Is a player found spectating by joining a team, documented by footage for example, he will be suspended for one match.
  • Substitutions are only allowed between each set, though team are not obligated to wait more than 10 minutes between maps and 5 minutes between sets. If a player crashes on game, substitutions can be done after the round has ended though this is limited to one substitution. If a team makes unauthorized substitutions during a set, the relevant rounds count as lost.
  • All matches are eligible for live-streaming and recording. Streamers and Channels do not need to get permission in order to stream matches, though they should contact the relevant teams in advance of the match and notify them. If for whatever reason teams do not wish their match to be streamed they may contact an event admin for a decision.


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Spectating the match by joining a team after the spawn period is not allowed at any given point. Is a player found spectating by joining a team, documented by footage for example, he will be suspended for one match.
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