Easy way to make lvl system PERFECT

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Just add global XP. And this XP will lvl you up. THATS ALL! Focus points, skill growing and stats will be the same.
XP from killing foes (high lvl enemy = more XP)
Small XP from active actions (you already have this)

And it will solve ALL problems:

1) No need to grind useless skills just to get lvl up. Becouse now it is better to get XP from using your favorite weapon, or trading, or smithing, then spend focus point on it.
2) Stop looters genocide. Becouse high lvl enemy = more XP from kill = more lvl ups = more focus points and stats
3) You still need to use skill to grow it. High lvl will just allow you to make it faster.
4) arena is good way to grow your weapon, but bad for lvluping. Like it in warband
5) At the start you are choosing skills that you actually want to use.
6) No more hard skillcap for companions

With this small tweak you solve all problems and save all benefits of the new lvling system.
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