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Hello, folks, I want to announce 6vs6 tournament in Warband's Native module

1) East-European Team Tournament (EETT)
*Mode: 6x6
*Start of registration: 07.10.2022
*Registration ends: 25.10.2022 inclusive
*Number of registered teams: TBD
*Start date: 01.11.2022 (November 1, Tuesday)
*Fee: voluntary (600 rubles)
*Prize: distributed among top-3 teams, which made contribution.
1st place - 50% of fees 2nd place - 30% of fees 3rd place - 20% of fees (edited)

2) General rules
2.1 Player can play for only one team;
2.2 Player must play under registered nickname and ID registered in команды-teams
2.3 Each team can have a maximum of 6 players (substitutes have no limit).
2.3 Limits on classes: Infantry - no limit; Archers - up to two; Riders - up to two on a closed map and up to three on an open map.
2.4 Game lasts 2 sets to 3 victory rounds per side (up to 6 per map), 2 maps.
2.5 In the case of a draw - 3-d map is played - Winterburg.
2.6 Round time: 180 seconds (3 minutes).
2.7 The flag appears at 120 seconds (2 minutes).
2.8 The same Faction cannot be selected on different maps.
2.9 Same Factions shouldn't be picked on different maps. Draw is an exclusion.

3) Conducting Matches
3.1 Each match must be played on the tournament server - East_EU_Tournaments.
3.2 During each match one of the organizers must be present in the game.
3.3 Match dates are determined by the organizers or by the team captains themselves.
3.4 If the date of the match is not determined within a reasonable time, the decision is taken by the tournament management.
3.5 Teams are given 7 days (one week) for the match.
3.6 Teams can't be late for more than 20 minutes, exceeding this time will result in a technical defeat.
3.7 The team captain has the right to request a break of up to 10 minutes in total.
3.8 If there will be one less player (or more) for one side - they can request a break with the consent of the opposing captain.

4) Game System
4.1 The tournament consists of a group stage and a playoff.
4.2 In the group stage each Team plays with the opposing Team once.
4.3 The losing Teams play in the Lower Nets. The tie is decided by 3 maps.

5) Behavior of players during the game
5.1 Do not use glitches and bugs.
5.2 Do not write anything to the opponents.
5.3 Cheats are not allowed.

6) List of allowed maps and factions
Open MapsClosed Maps
Castellum Bairteas
Frosthaven Fort of Honour
Reveran VillageMountain Fortress
River VillageSan'di'boush
Ruins Nord Town
Naval Outpost
Legacy Town


NON-COMPLIANCE will result in disqualification. Tournament registration - регистрация-registration List of teams

I expect around ~8 teams from Russian community, but everyone else can particiapte also (if you want). Registration is going right now until 25 of October.

We'll be happy if you come to play too :smile:

Our discord link -
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