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ive run into some mild annoyance trying to get my family members off their butt and campaigning. when you go to the clan page and parties you can start a new party but the choices for family members who are just sitting in towns is always "the hero is busy". Generally this means they are resolving a issue or taking part in a tourney, but they go from one to the other so fast that timing it is almost impossible, i think it would make it easier to get clan parties out if you could add like a buffer system so if you tell them to become a party leader and they are mid tourney or issue they start it as soon as its over/finished, that way i dont have to return all the way from the east war front to ocs hall to pull my brother into my party and tell him to make his own because i cant do it from a distance. all it does is waist a few minutes every time a clan party is destroyed.

this is just kinda my thought no clue if its even practical but worth a shot
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