Early game marriage money exploit

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I noticed that early game marriage can be quite unbalanced when I succeeded marrying a lady. At this point I had 3000 gold & 20 saddle horses in my inventory which I bartered with the lord for the lady making me money dry, but when I took lady Debana from the castle into my party I realized she had full Lamellar army army equipped ready to make me filthy rich. In fact, her armor could make me up to a total of 700000 gold. She had lamellar with scale skirt which was worth 423206 gold exactly & other expensive items.

This could be used as early game exploit to purchase caravanns and etc as you understand.

Could be fixed by giving ladies by marriage usual clothing as companions in taverns have.

Summary: Married lady has armor which is worth an incomprehensible amount of gold which can be exploited at any stage of game, really.
Married lady name & family (if related): Debana of family Mestricaros
Version: build: [e1.1.0]
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I had the same issue.

Then I discovered that if you turn 36, you’re no longer able to get married. Not sure if it’s bug or mechanics, but it’s pretty annoying in any case.

Fortunately, there is a possible solution for your gameplay. Download Developer Console mod and change your age. If it’s your case, I will gladly write you a tutorial, if you need. But it’s quite easy.
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