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The tips and strategies appear to be pretty outdated, ranging from 2017 to 2020.

For instance, I tried hiring mercenaries from the Mercenary's Guild to give them maces, decent armour, and horses - that last part is now impossible until you upgrade your Hired Recruits into Hired Riders. Is the strat still the same, just that you're sitting there training for a while? I tried going against Saccar raiders - let's just say they're heavily armoured and unless you have fast cav, you're not going to defeat them.
Additionally I don't seem to be able to hire them in the 15-20 numbers range, only able to acquire 3 at a time.

--Made my way to the area with Snow Walkers, which apparently should be easy. My weapons do about 0 zero damage to them. So it seems like even basic troops take barely any damage from my starter weapons - what are you meant to start with fighting then, if even T2 random bandits are too hard?

So for those playing more recently or know of some still up to date strats for getting started in this brutal world, please help :grin:
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I'd be interested in tips and strategies for the latest version of Perisno too. Everything out there seems to be for earlier versions.
Yes, it's hard to get the cash at the start.
I would avoid the Saccar area, if possible, they are fast and mounted, pain in the where.

Only reliable trade that I can think of is the Silk trade in the Elintor area. Get a loan and start trading.
Probably best to first buy at the town (not sure but I think it raises the price if start buying at the village), usually the silks are cheap at Elsinore, Lille, Galwe and surrounding villages.
Villages around Lille sell the silk even though they are not tied to the town.

Anything else is really going to hurt, LOL.
I remember in an earlier game of Perisno. Get a light crossbow and horse, run rings around snow bandits until they run out of arrows. Then start head shotting them before using your recruits on them. Took too long.

See if you can hang around a city and ask the lord for a tax quest. That'll give you cash to go hire companions.

Got to avoid those annoying knight bands in early game. Was great wiping them out in the middle game, until someone released a new update.
Spec to 10 looting at character creation, borrow the max amount of money you can from every city while you work your way to the mercenary guild, I usually aim for 15k - 20k.

Hire whatever Elite troops you can find, you need 6, preferably ranged of a single unit type. If you have multiple types of troops you get less loot(this includes companions). If you can't find any good Mercs check out Taverns for Maidens/Virago Heroines, or check back at the Merc guild later.

Ask the Tolranian Tavernkeepers about work and find whatever lord has the bandit camp quest, it should be Count Barainius(Vinica Lord) or Count Calarius (Lesbere Lord).

Use your 6 Elite troops to clear the bandit camp, there are two main enemies to watch out for. The outlaw camp leader wears black armor with a shield and a helmet with horns on it, the other danger is a Knight of Doom with a repeating crossbow. Position your troops to isolate each of them, having your elite troops focus fire on them goes a long way to keeping deaths down.

Common drops are netherworld armor and repeating crossbows, Galwe explosives drop every so often during the first clear but I rarely see them after. Any elite troops you bring with you who die/are knocked out will also drop their equipment.

The first turn-in is around 7 levels and like 20k in cash. Wait at Vinica for the quest to restart and repeat for however long you want. There are other bandit camps but Tolranias loot is OP.

Take your new cash and repay all the loans you originally took out.

Use your excess money to buy land, this protects your money and starts building your investments early.

Add 4-5 points into persuasion, go to any town tavern and buy everyone drinks from the bartender for 1 relation with the town.
This will let you buy enterprises in every town for 1k instead of having to quest for relations. Galwe, Lille, and Elsinore dyeworks have the best-paying enterprises, but it shouldn't take too long to buy one in every town.

Take your passive income stream to Maccan and see the priests inside the castle, buy as much honor and renown as you can, come back every so often to buy more fame.

High honor translates to relations with honorable lords, go introduce yourself and make instant friends. This should give you some free attribute points and they might send you gifts every so often.

Specialist troops can up your personal and leader skills saving you valuable points. Ransom brokers in taverns sell slaves that upgrade to various troops. Female assassins and Captains of the Guard both up your training whereas Elite Bounty Hunters will up your prisoner management.

If you want to be a king fast start the Vinica questline and wait for the Zann invasion, set up a camp near Vinica, and stage a large army of upgraded troops there(500 gladiator champions works, but you can use other troops too). While everyone is fighting Zann, take Vinica and put your camped troops into the garrison. Congrats you are now a lonely king at war with Tolrania, not that they can do anything while getting steamrolled by Zann.
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There is no need for extreme tactics, recruiting some villagers and taking out small neutral groups is perfectly fine early game.
(Just make sure to avoid the bigger uglier groups that want to kill you) Also pay attention that each area has some nasty stacks that will want to kill you even starting out and learn to avoid them.

Once you get around 50 units you should consider taking caravan jobs from the tavern keeper but only those under 10k to start so you are not so weighted down, even with a low trade skill if you cross the map (and speak to the tavern keeper to sell) you will make insane dosh.

Start getting reknown, gear, companions. Enterprises still provide 1-2k per week in basically every city, but land investment via the city menu also works to get a weekly income going.

If you marry either the Reich or Elven princess you will get access to her city and garrison troops and it's basically easy mode. I've used this crutch so many times and just recently forced myself not to. Make sure you keep the garrison as strong as possible for [redacted reasons]. After the [redacted] you should be able to get your own city using the extra buff garrison you built up. Rinse and repeat.
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