[E5C] End of the European 5aSide Cup

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End of the European 5aSide Cup

This tournament ran quite smoothly from beginning to the end, so we would like to thank everyone who helped us achieve this goal.
This was the first ever tourney that myself and Kragen hosted for the community, we have learned a lot from hosting this making us eager to be looking to host another one in the future. A possible E5C2?

Without further ado lets see who ended up Victorious !



First place goes to Aequalitas !
**** finished first in their group after being victorious against Wolfpack and No Names. After the group stage they had a very close match vs Geese Pack but they shook it off and defeated some bad team without name in a very convincing manner and had an intense semi-final vs Stronq after that they claimed the title in a final match vs Sacrosanct.
Congratulations on your first ever tournament win which must feel very good after all your troubles with Bucharest. You have shown that you deserve this win because all throughout this tournament you have shown great team-play which helps alot when your entire team can speak there natural language. On your way through this tournament you have defeated some teams with very stacked rosters who were not only favorites for this tournament but were also title contenders, again congratulations.

Second place goes to Sacrosanct !
Sacrosanct finished first in their group with WUT2 and Company of Sun with two wins also under their belt. After a tough match against Wolfpack they had one week of rest because of a default win. They used this time to boost their roster and defeat Warband Airlines in the semi-finals. In the end it was not enough to win but they showed an impressive performance in finals.
congratulations to 2nd place !

Third place goes to Stronq !
Stronq joined the tournament in Group C where they had a draw against Wonwokie but ended up emerging victorious in their group. After the group stage they appeared unstopable they knocked out 4everalone and Espana with ease until they met their match with Aequalitas who defeated Stronq in a very close match in the semi-finals.
Congratulations to the 3rd place, you have for sure shown that you are one of the strongest team within this tournament !

Thank yous...

We want to thank Oasis Hosting for sponsoring 6 French servers, LordMetzger for sponsoring 4 German servers and SaBo for sponsoring 2 German servers, without these guys this tournament could not have happened.

Thanks to Kragen for hosting this alongside me since you do not you have too many warnings and also for creating the nice medals above.

Thanks to Belendor for providing an amazing header for this tournament, Oliveran for helping with the admin tool and the ID system, Nexoner and zAnger for their recordings of the tournament, and espeically to SaBo for an awesome stream of the grand final.

We would also like to thank all of the people who gave feedback to help us better the tournament and of course thanks to all the 24 teams and about 240 players that signed up and and made this happen !


We hope this tourney has been a good test for Warband to go further as a eSports and we might do something like this again with hopefully new maps fitting the 5v5 setting even better, more experience from our side and a slightly improved format somewhen in the future !

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