e1.6.1 Decorated Warsword Blades bugged?

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Hi all,

My first post to this forum (and I've never really done this sort of thing), so please let me know if I've butchered any etiquette.

Diving into the subject of the post I've noticed 2 of the Tier 5 one-handed blades "Decorated Long Warsword Blade - Tier 5" and "Decorated Short Warsword Blade - Tier 5" seem to have awfully low slash/pierce values and wanted other opinions on whether it would be fair to mod them to a higher value.

Starting with the Decorated Short Warsword Blade:

Decorated Short Warsword Blade - Tier 5
Pierce 1.5
Cut 2.5

Length 74
Weight 0.7

While I understand the Decorated Short Warsword Blade is 0.7 weight which is the lightest I can see after a quick scan of Tier 5 blades, the closest competitor I could find by clicking through was:

Northern Backsword Blade - Tier 3
Pierce 2.7
Cut 3.6

Length 68.2
Weight 0.7

Which while shorter is significantly MORE damage in both values, and much lower tier. This lead me to set the following stats.

Decorated Short Warsword Blade - Modified
Pierce 2.7
Cut 3.9

Length 74
Weight 0.7

Why 3.9 slash? At 3.8 Cut I didn't think it'd do justice to T5. Because only 1 other Tier 5 blade has less than 4C the Thamaskene Steel Spatha Blade which has 3.4 Pierce and is longer and heavier to make up for it.

This sets the Decorated Short Warsword Blade to deal less damage than most other Tier 5s but is lighter and not the shortest in class.

Next onto the Decorated Long Warsword Blade, I was lazier.

Decorated Long Warsword Blade - Tier 5
Pierce 2.7
Cut 2.8

Length 73
Weight 0.9

Despite having "long" in it's name it seems significantly shorter than the Tier 4 Long Warsword Blade, and they seem completely unrelated.

For the Long Warsword Blade I simply knocked the Cut Damage up to 4.2 as it's nearest neighbours (e.g. the Thamaskene Steel Warsword Blade is the same weight but shorter and it has 2.7 Pierce and 4.2 Cut) close in weight and length seem to be drifting between 4 - 4.2 Cut. Which results in the stats below:

Decorated Long Warsword Blade - Modified
Pierce 2.7
Cut 4.1

Length 73
Weight 0.9

Is there some stat that makes the original stats of these blades make more sense that I've missed. Or if you'd change the stats, do you agree/disagree with the stats above, and what would you change them to?

Thanks for reading.

TLDR: guy smithing posts about odd stats on some Tier 5 blades.
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