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e1.5.6 impressions (after not playing for a while)

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Death and Inheritance
* Overall I love it-- adds new dynamics to the game. Lords die, even faction leaders... led to me becoming leader of Vlandians at 22 years old in one play through, and killing off many of my enemies key lords over time in others-- but needs some tuning.
* Should obviously have toggle for player to turn off/on death in battle separately from natural death and inheritance stuff if they get tired of losing family/companions
* Need to have a mechanism to: protect companions, compensate for companion loss, and/or reduce RNG % of them dying. I'm quite careful with them but I've lost quite a few and it makes them very expensive. Same for family, but at least you need them as heirs, but removes point of putting them in war party.
* Need to apply noble deaths to simulated battles as well as player battles so all factions suffer equitable loss of leaders.
Bugs / tuning
* Still some bugs out there...
-- Marrying off siblings (sister, reported as bug) causes crash
-- AI use of siege towers and ladders has issues; occasional bad pathing (siege is much better than warband though, so kudos)
-- Attacker not assaulting during siege when enemy has very small force (I had to go in single handedly a few times to clean out last dozen defenders when archers killed everyone else before the assault started)
-- Random DX crashes when main app loses / regains focus
-- No issues on my older rig (OC'd (4.7 Ghz) 4790k with 1080) at max settings except during combined snow and heavy smoke (siege). Turning off motion blur eliminates this.
-- I'm mostly happy with weapon and unit balances.
-- Tweaking your terrain builds could equalize units with current stats (e.g. include forests that really restrict cavalry and reduce archer effectiveness).
-- loyalty/food/security balance in towns needs work. Problem is that recently conquered areas are only friendly town nearby, so armies go there to buy food, depleting existing stores, which triggers rebellion, which causes more armies to roll out, buy food from other recently conquered towns nearby, depleting stores, triggering rebellion. I think just having a rule in place that reserves 200 food stores for town use during sieges (can't be sold) is the 80% solution to this problem.
-- Faction balances okay, but Khuzait need to have some diplomacy tweaks so other factions go to war with them to prevent steam rolling
-- Wish I could smith bows and armor; I depend on these much more than other weapons. More variety esp Xbows also, but crafting would fix this.
-- I would double the current weapons sale penalty so when you get to the smithing perk that reduces the penalty, you basically get the current state of the game
Late Game
-- Is boring
-- Add quests of some kind (in-depth companion stories and quests would be great) so you have something to do while you slog through the final stages of conquest.
-- Viking Conquest had some stuff like this, other mods had others for ideas of what works
-- Rewards for exploration could help a lot (find rare items and so forth hidden in random locations /villages/castles)
-- Rare weapons that could be found on the battle field during battle only
-- Generally things to make the long march to victory more interesting
-- Need more depth and interaction with NPCs (tavern wench, villagers, etc) and especially companions
-- More variety on battle maps (better than before, but still repetitive after a while)
-- Pretty good addition-- rebellion leader execution by the player should lead to gain in relations to nobles though, not loss
-- Good side mission would be tracking down and executing all escaped rebellion leaders for a kingdom after insurrection is put down
Things I'd like to see
-- More terrain variety, not for aesthetics, but so we actually have meaningful tactical variety. Every unit type could be strong if used properly in the right terrain, but the mostly open terrain we have now heavily favors mounted units, heavy infantry in shieldwall formation and long ranged fires.
-- Niche for light vs heavy infantry and light vs heavy cavalry. Terrain could do this for foot. Light infantry may be only unit to move easily through very heavy forest or very deep snow. In the real world heavy infantry is great in open terrain, but in terrain where branches and thickets catch equipment and make formations impractical, light infantry is king. The Battanians would be much truer to their potential, but the battles would be so much more interesting.


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Good points, agree with most of them, especially about late game being boring.

On the other hand, disagree with unit balancing is OK, ranged units are still pretty damn OP and making battles too easy. Once you get some T5 ranged units, battles become zero challenging at some point.


No paragraphs, no indentation. Basic formatting, that is all I am asking.

OP is not obliged to agree, but I think mine is a reasonable request. Text walls are even harder to read on mobile phones.


No paragraphs, no indentation. Basic formatting, that is all I am asking.

OP is not obliged to agree, but I think mine is a reasonable request. Text walls are even harder to read on mobile phones.

As someone with poor eyesight I am inclined to agree with you

I think most of the suggestions are good, many of them longstanding and probably will remain as such for a while.


You know I totally forgot about companion side quests being a thing in warband until just now. Definitely would love to see that come back.
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