Resolved [e1.5.5] Invalid perk descriptions in all localisations

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No, I didn't use any mods.

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The localisation system seems to mess up some of the perk descriptions for those perks, which have only one effect listed (like Urban Developer, Rogue Extraordinaire or Uncanny Insight). It seems that additional line is added in all language versions other than English. This happens even for "empty" localisations (no tranlsation files at all). Also, always the same line is added: "+2% damage to infantry in your formation".

Here's how it look on english vs. empty localisation:

How to reproduce?

Just select an empty language (like Polish or French) and check the perk desriptions. In Turkish or Chinese the extra line will also be added, but it will be translated.


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This problem occurs because there are empty translation files. It will be resolved when the translations of these languages are completed.
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