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Resolved [e1.5.4 Beta] Prodigal son: can't open the door to the gang leader's house.

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Yes, I used mods.


I think the door's just misplaced cause the boss spawns in random locations not near his house.


This issue still exists but you can still break in without paying. There’s just multiple houses that seem to be owned by the gang leaders. The correct house allows entry whilst the incorrect house just says “Door”. You can find the correct house using the Alt key whilst wandering around (it’s also labelled [gang leader name]’s house). Eventually, you’ll find the right house and can complete the quest. Had me stumped for a bit but the correct house ended up being on the edge of town compared to the first house I visited (the one which just said “door” without entry) which was located very central and was very easy to find.

Top Tip: Your companion follower will act as a tank in the case you’re swarmed in these fights. Be sure to kit out your accompanying companion with relatively decent armour and weapons for their civilian layout (it’s the feathered hat icon atop the inventory screen). This’ll make these fights and any gang scraps much easier!

Good luck & hope this helps!
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