In Progress [e1.1.0] Freeze, FPS spike and character reloading upon being hit

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Sorry for the double post.

I've upgraded to 16gb of ram, I downloaded the 1.2.0 patch and deleted the config file and redid all of my settings. It's now working a lot smoother. No more sound delay, the stutter upon first hit is extremely minimal.

Murat Türe

Hi, after the 1.3.0 beta, these FPS spikes should be fixed. Especially the ones which happens in small sized battles, like after hitting an enemy. Are you still having those? Also waiting for the responses from players with 8GB of ram. Thanks in advance.


I don't get these anymore, but since 1.3.0 I get these insane drops when enemies start to flee/spawn. It makes sieges unplayable.
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