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Unresolved [e1.0.2] Blue ?Pathing? Patch visible in entrance of Onira

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As the text says - there's a weird blue patch on the ground that fades in and out near the entrance of Onira some meters past the gates. It's on the left side of the road. I figure this is something from the game's pathing tool? If you go in the gates and go straight from there towards the Tavern, it appears to start when you're about 84 meters from the tavern.

Link to image: TinyUpload
I have seen this issue as well in 2 different locations. I don't remember where, but I imagine the devs will recognize it.

Also smart idea on doing the PC specs in your signature! Lol hope you don't mind if I steal it
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Good eye! I think it's the same one next to the beginning.

Thank you, nice specs btw! Basically same as mine.

Lol except about all about a half step down. I wanted the 3600X but I was going to get a really good deal on the 3600 from Best Buy, so I just went for it.
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