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Dynamic blocking and feinting

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Ok so it has become apparent that this game could really do with some proper hitboxes when it comes to blocking.

If you block and press LMB a ms before a hit lands on your block, it counts that you have taken a hit although your weapon is clearly still in a blocking position.

Feinting is also an issue. The enemies weapons feint THROUGH your block, their weapon will glide through your blocks. Play against top difficulty AI and see the absolute madness for yourself.
Just like in warband, the weapon positions themselves dont determine the hitboxes, its just the animation and the angle of attack (and a few other things). Like in a fighting game, the moment you stop pressing the block button you are no longer blocking at all.

To be honest I don't mind this. Having to fight with the animations themselves rather than the rhythm of blocking and attacking would make the combat way worse. The real issue is that bannerlord animations take too long to transition. In warband your animation snaps into your current "state" within a couple of frames, meaning there is not much of a discrepancy between what you see on screen and where the hitboxes actually are. But in bannerlord it can be several frames before the animation interpolates to the current state of your character, leading to moments like you described.
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