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@azakhi hi, I think you're working on the servers, is the current duel server going to be completely removed after the real duel server comes? I, and I'm sure a lot of other players like the idea of being able to do 2v1 or other scenarios with our clan mates and friends in the duel server. Trying to do that in TDM is near impossible sometimes. I like to hop in the duel server when its empty or nearly empty and train with my mates.
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@MArdA TaleWorlds
Im about to do a Ft69 with AXDER but there is a troll on the server so we cannot start right now.
Can we quick ban him? Currently trolling on EU since 30 minutes.
Name: "No Clue"
Im sure he received like 30 reports in the last 30 minutes.


Needs friendly damage turned on, and TK issues removes. Basically needs to be a proper FFA at some point. Still, I'm glad it's there.

MArdA TaleWorlds

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As we mentioned it before, we are working on a proper duel mode that will hopefully solve all the problems you guys face but I can't give any eta at the moment.


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If somebody don't give a f*ck about the first and then the second ban, person like that should be banned permanently, of course with possibility of appeal :smile:

MArdA TaleWorlds

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He got one month ban from multiplayer. He banned from this only once. Thanks for the mention!
We will increase the length of the first time offences as well.
Why Duel EU server now open? Other servers still 'protected' with passwords.
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