Duel mode is pretty good!

Are you happy with the new duel mode?

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Finally the real duel mode got implemented and I have to say its pretty damn well executed. You clearly see they really thought about it from a players perspective and not just from above. I especially like how quickly you get to the duels and how quickly you respawn and fight again. No annoying running around and serching each other, just hop in and instant duel, its great! The only downside I have to mention, the server seems to get slower if more players join and combat gets less responsive. But still, its really a fun new addition and made me play Bannerlord more frequently again. Good job TaleWorlds!

What do you guys think about the new duel mode? Do you share my joy?


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I wish they'd added the All classes and all factions to it, which was mentioned a while ago, really hope they still plan to add that.
Mostly its good, I had a talk a few days ago about it, and some of the...community aspect of old duel is sorta gone? Now its more secluded and private, not sure how I like that part, but on the other side, nobody can screw up your duels so. Kinda wishing for a bow animation at the start of duels.

Arenas are abit un-even, so footwork gets abit annoying sometimes. Theres not enough infantry arenas, most of the duels I've done have been on cavalry maps, so half the duel is us running into eachother.

Absolutely need to enable spectate on team pick so people can watch duels. I reckon a ton of players would benefit from spectating the top duelers and seing how they play, and it'd let us host duel tournaments.

Give option to do Ft5, Ft7, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 and it's gonna have all the needed features.
I guess Ft5, 7 or 10 can just be replaced with sets, so it'll be FT3, then giving the option of changing setup for the next set. BO3 duel sets. I dont really mind, would be nice to have ft7 as a homage to Warband duel though.
Definitly agree on 2v2 and 3v3. Right now its not possible to do groupfighting.


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Although the mode is late (it should have been available as a main testing platform in the 2019 alpha-beta period; imho) I'm going to mark "Yes, good job TaleWorlds" regardless of the room for improvement that is still supposed to be there.

That said, I'm of the same opinion as Greed; group fights would add a spicy touch to this mode. I don't know how the scene as a whole could be expanded by creating annex spaces. However in my eyes something like this would be interesting:

Archers: paintball style scenarioInfantry: arena style ringCavalry: grand arena layout
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