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Duchy of Aachen

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The Duchy of Aachen, once a powerful house, it became weaker and weaker as the other house grew bigger. The most loyal people stayed with the house, but some left, because they saw what's happening to the house. Aachen is an Imperial City in southwest Germany. Once they were holding a feast, everyone was a bit drunk and didn't know what's happening. A guard named Jesse of Klumme, who lived his childhood in the Barony of Limburg, which is the vassal of the Duchy of Aachen. Jesse's mothers was Lucy of Cambridge and his father Heinrich of Klumme. Jesse was the second oldest son. His brother was Horace of Klumme. Their house ruled of a small township in the south of Limburg. On a sad day their father Heinrich of Klumme passed away, Horace took over the house. Jesse wasn't happy with the decisions Horace made, so Jesse took leave. Jesse was a strong man, he knew how to survive and protect himself from any danger. Once a noble, he became a normal serf. He didn't own any properties, and as long as his brother Heinrich of Klumme lived Jesse had no intention of returning. Jesse went to the capital of the Duchy of Aachen, and joined the military. He was a recruit at first, but as he was an noble, he knew how to fight and became a guard very fast. So as that day when there was a feast in Aachen, Jesse was looking over the walls and saw some sights further away. He yelled *REBELS* and everyone was ready for the fight, especially Jesse. He has never had a real fight in his life, so he was worried and scared. As he was the wall guard, he would get the impact first, as the Rebels used ladders to get on the walls. So the fight had begun and Jesse was ordered to retreat as there were too many enemies. The walls were taken, and the guards that survived went in the castle with the Duke. The Rebels were breaking down the door, the fight has begun in the Keep. Jesse stayed close to the Duke. Then in a second there was a army behind the Rebels, and it was Jesse's brother, Heinrich of Klumme. He had gathered a fine army and they made the Rebels retreat. Jesse turned to the Duke, and he saw he had been shot with a bow. The dukes lasts words were ''My son, i thank you for saving my life and i give you the lordship of Duchy of Aachen''. Then the Duke passed away. Jesse restored the Duchy of Aachen to its old glory. LONG LIVE THE DUKE!​


Duke: Jesse

Lord: Scippio
Lady: Roos, Yuyimg

Guard: Pursua, Gismo
Man at Arms:

Special ranks:
Assasin: Gandylaf

Guard_Gismo_Of Aachen

Application form for joining:
1: Whats your ingame name?
2: Whats your steam name?
3: What can you offer the Duchy of Aachen?
4: Will you stay loyal to the Duchy of Aachen?
5: Will you report a traitor in the Duchy of Aachen?


Website: http://aachen.enjin.com/home​


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