Drunk Squires

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Place- Towns

Given By: Lords and Ladies

Time: 3 days

-Some squires (T2 Noble troops) went out of the keep to have their escapades during the night, to the local tavern and are causing troubles in the streets.

- The player goes to the tavern during the night looking for the squires. Upon arrival, the player has to talk with a tavern NPC to gather information of the squires whereabouts. Using persuasion, interaction with each. Success leads to knowing the exact location of the squires(town outskirts, alleys or even a town workshop), failure leads to a brawl fight against the interrogated NPC, who thinks you're part of the troublesome squires and forcing the player to interrogate other npc, being knocked out by the brawling npc lead to mission failing.

-Upon leaving the tavern the player heads to the squire location in town, 3-5 of them, on dialogue 4 options are available:

  1. Allow them to continue (earns a small amount of gold as bribery) Fail the mission
  2. Join the Party (earns a small amount of gold, some stolen items and some beer) Fail mission
  3. Persuade the Drunken Fools (persuasion attempt) If fail go back to option 1,2,4, if successful small opinion bonus to one town notable (since you didn't make a fuss around the town)
  4. Beaten them to sober (Attack the drunken squire), using fists to make them unconscious, using a weapon might kill one of them. If all unconscious success, if you go unconscious mission fail, if even one dies fail
If success: Lord opinion increase plus reward

If Failure: Lord opinion decreases + small debuff on town security.
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