Resolved DRM-free Warband linux version ?

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Hello, I own the entire Mount&Blade collection on steam , from the first mount&blade to bannerlord.
The only title that haves a direct linux port is warband and his expansions.
I wish to play warband on a mini pc, based on z8350 intel cherry trail processor, 2 gigs of ram, Lubuntu 20.04 and it works fairly well, at low settings and 1024x756 resolution. I'll like to try how it would work without steam running, since the steam client itself on such a low specs machine haves serious performances impact, I read that is possible to convert the demo version from to a full version just by using the steam key, but there is only a windows version there, and trying to redeem the steam key on gog doesen't work. Haven't try yet, but I think that running the windows version trough wine on such a little machine wouldn't be the best idea. Any solution, without buying the game again on GOG?
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