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Hello Mount and blade players

It has come to my attention that the incorrect orders of command are being given in game battle that are not correct 

The usage of the drill manual of 1763 is in place for a reason 

The commands given 'present arms' is a salute not thr order to 'present,

The words of command given are

,company prime and load'    loading drills by instruction only by the commanding officer to load or NCO if the officer is down   

The next order of command is  make ready at the order of 'poise your firelocks'

Then the order given is 'present' 

Then 'fire' after you have fired make sure the officer gives you the order to prime and load again before anything don't reload until orders      If not bring your musket back to the shoulder

If an enemy is less than 50 metres away from your position  and the order to charge has not been given  and you have not got bayonets attached than a tactical withdrawal is always best rather than fighting the close quarter fight 

If in line and advancing the enemy and about to charge the order to halt has to be given before the orders 'company fix bayonets' then quick March at the 'charge your fire locks' position  then the order Charge is given    in a column and victory shall be yours 

There will be more posts like this

Please refer to the manuals


2nd Lieutenant (ensign) Kings Dragoon Guards

George Windsor


While this is appreciated and you obviously put some effort into it, what few players are left on the module probably do not care. These false orders have been used for years, and that isn’t likely to change.
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