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I had a dream that I met Ol' Dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang Clan in a desolate new york shopping mall. He was with two friends and seemed kind of angry. I said hi, but then he walked over to me and punched me in the groin. I walked away, but he did it again. Then for some reason I said "Ason, I ain't about that right now," and he went absolutely mental, killing his two friends instantly and charging at me. I leapt into a closed kiosk and shut the door, but he followed and started banging on the walls to get at me. I escaped through a door behind and started running. Behind me I saw around 500 wu-tang guys trying to restrain him, saying "Ason! we're your boys! stop!" but he killed like 30 of them with his bare hands before running off.

The next day I was in a hotel and was talking to some people about the incident after seeing it in the news. "I didn't mean to upset him," I was saying. They were suggesting I apologise. So I spent the rest of the dream making a sorry card for him.

This is the 3rd dream I've had where I was attacked by a rapper I enjoy.
Had a nightmare for the first time in yonks last night. Funny thing is I can actually remember it. Weirdly enough I was thinking "This would make for a pretty good spoopy film." Whilst it was going on.

I was indoors. There were two rooms, kitted out like someone's abode, it was night so all the light were on. There were seven people including myself, who stayed in groups of three in their respective rooms, in the first room, which I presume was the living/dining room with a beam supporting the ceiling that descended around a foot from the ceiling spanning from wall to wall, there were three people. In the second room which was a bedroom also had three.
What happened first was acknowledging the presence of the other people. Then my vision was filled by an old photograph with faults in the picture that you'd typically find on a scary image thread. Faces smudged/blurred. Then the notion that the camera captures what people really are comes into play. (I'm in the bedroom at the time with three others there). The picture leaves my field of vision and I turn to look through the doorway into the living room to see that the lights have gone out in there and that the people's skin has turned a dirty impure grey with their limbs disforming though more noticeable at their heads which have mutated to look unnaturally bestial, snapped back with large carnivorous jaws gaping open. All in that room save for one person. Can't remember why, but I have the memory this person was a bloke. His skin was the same ill-imperfect dirty grey but his body had stayed the same, though his head and neck had just extended upwards, so his head was hidden behind the laterally running supporting beam I mentioned earlier. (This is the only reason why I mentioned the ceiling beam prior, it serves no other part than this).

Naturally I slam the door shut, and just chill with the others in the bedroom with me, my heart's elevated like most nightmarish dreams, but none of us seem that phased by it. Almost like it's a regular occurance. Though I had the impression that the changed people on the other side of the door intended me ill. (I think it's about this point I think to myself that it would make a pretty good horror film, i'm not sure, I could've thought that after the dream and just misremembered.) I also remember being wary that the people within the room I was now in, including myself were also capable of becoming what was on the other side of the door. So I made sure to keep them in my vision, I had a feeling they would also change if I took my sight off them.

Then I woke up.

The end.


Grandmaster Knight
The spoopy genre isn't to be appropriated willy nilly, young McWigster. Show some cultural sensitivity. Moreover, how is that dream even remotely spoopy? There's just no spoop to it.
DanAngleland said:
The spoopy genre isn't to be appropriated willy nilly, young McWigster. Show some cultural sensitivity. Moreover, how is that dream even remotely spoopy? There's just no spoop to it.
Scary as in you're confronted by something unnatural that unnerves you.


Was at work, at the furniture store I work at. The building was a tall, all glass building, probably 6 stories or so with an open center going the entire way up. In a basement level I was watching standup comedy with some friends I didn't really know. I was really drunk somehow and I was kidding around because there were like 6 people in the place, but it almost immediately turned into me heckling in a really crowded room. I apologized and went outside, sat in a car for about four hrs. The car was like a Disneyworld ride, where dinosaurs or whatever would come up to the car, smash the windows and scream really loud but it was obvious to me the sound was coming from speakers. After that I got out of the car to find it was now daytime, and in my head I thought "Well back to work". I walked into the furniture store, and my manager told me I had to help one of the "veteran" guys move something up to the 2nd highest floor. I somehow knew I had never been there. I was helping him dolly a regular couch up the steps to the 5th floor, when he told me he couldn't believe they were letting me go up there so soon. As he said that we looked out the window to see some people on the street outside walk up to the building and unzip themselves for a brief second to reveal they're various kinds of aliens or monsters. We got to the floor (which was a big open area with the opening in the middle and elevators all around the room) and arranged the couch we had brought up. Out of nowhere, a little kid climbed up out of it and just kind of loitered. I pressed the button for the elevator which we didn't take up for some reason, and a weird symbol flashed on a screen. I looked across the room and my coworker waved for me to come to his elevator, but as soon as I took a couple of steps it slammed shut and presumably went down. The lighting changed to alternating between dark red and green, and another elevator soon opened up revealing a large alien with a metal suit covering it's body. At this point I felt like I was in a video game and assumed I was supposed to hide and see what the alien did to the kid. But as soon as the alien turned it's back I sprinted and did a wwe-style dropkick to the back of it's helmet. It ripped it's helmet off, got right up in my face, and started screeching a really, really awful noise that sounded like large amounts of metal crashing and scraping. Again, I felt like I was back in the car hearing the screech through speakers. I ran downstairs but for some reason was certain I was mortally wounded. I stumbled around, smacking aliens to no effect and eventually found a room full of kids that was almost identical to the jedi children room in the star wars prequels. I woke up at that point. Also drove around and crashed a company bulldozer at some point, don't remember how that fit into it.
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