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"Fear My Blade,"
Dreadsword has returned from its death, from the shame of the ashes of Tinadel, Duckie has elected to begin a new regime of malignant forces. From vast years of studying arcane sorcery he has resurrected a physical being to lead this enigmatic army. Utilizing his abilities with black alchemy the dark lord has risen again to take his revenge against his enemies. The former High Druid of Tinadel and servant of Laban now seeks domination over the realm of Calradia after failing to overthrow their sacred family.

Dreadsword is primarily a clan that will manifest on the upcoming Persistent World inspired modules that will release on Bannerlord. We are looking for players that have a great alacrity to improve their personal combat skills and enjoy playing the game in a deep role play designed group that will face off against the other clans that will arise. We also will participate with skirmish competitive matches as well as captain battles.

Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dreadsword

Part One: Expectations

It had been five years since Laban last sent word for his clan to come together for another raid. His lifetime of raiding and looting had left him with an incomprehensible amount of riches. The last wars he fought with House Maddox, House Farador and Boldania left him and Tinadel living lavishly in renown and gold.

Laban was growing old and fat, his blood thirst seemingly quenched. The lack of ambition and lethargy within the clan’s leadership was becoming apparent. Other clans and kingdoms were emerging and fighting, drawing attention from the realm to their wars. Tinadel was becoming forgotten, a tale that bards started to stop singing about. Except one, that being Duckie who was serving as a druid in their family.

Duckie was by no means the greatest of the Tinadels, he did not share their blood but was merely embraced for his abilities to mend the wounds of their warriors. Still, the fame and prestige of being counted as one of them made him proud. When he began to notice Tinadel’s fall from grace he was disappointed. Even so he remained loyal, believing Jama’s blessing would once again shower their family.

Part Two: Betrayal

This did not happen, however. For years he searched for an answer for this and came to the conclusion one night when Laban was feasting with other members of the family. He had allowed lesser men in his hall, weakening the strength of the clan he once valued the most. Duckie’s heart became disgusted with what Tinadel was becoming, as the other lords of the realm hardly recognized them as a threat or respected them as a powerful adversary.

This became most clear when Duckie had visited the capital, most men of the kingdoms knew him simply as the doctor of Tinadel who somehow managed to stay alive for so long. But in their eyes he was merely a commoner, as Tinadel to them had been long dead. On the road he was halted and robbed by the mercenary company known as the Roaming Cavalry Company, led by Captain Edwards. They had been friends when Tinadel was powerful but now Duckie’s deep purse was more valuable to them than their friendship. Duckie was stripped of his finery and gold and departed back north to Laban’s hall with impudence.

Laban did not care much for this attack as Duckie was an embarrassment to his legacy. He knew Duckie was ambitious but he never trusted his clan with him, deeming him a clown and unworthy of any mantle of leadership. Even so, Duckie was still practicing with his short swords and daggers with anyone who would agree to spar, he would lose most of the time but when he returned to their fortress after he was humiliated he defeated Daemon in personal combat with his anger. Defeating Daemon who was regarded as one of the most powerful Tinadels made him arrogant - this shift planted a seed in his soul to overthrow Tinadel and become the new lord.

After beating Daemon, Duckie began his plan to usurp their family. He had spoken to other members in secret and dark places. But his plan failed as his plot was exposed. After learning of his betrayal Laban banished him from his hall, revoking his rank and title in his clan. Duckie pleaded with him to forgive him, claiming his actions were only meant to benefit their legacy. Laban did not trust him and his council rejected Duckie’s reprieve. Duckie considered poisoning his former leader but knew Jama would not approve. Duckie swore vengeance against Tinadel to their faces and they laughed, banishing him with only what he wore. Duckie stole the ancient diary of Erak Tinadel, a sword and Ryan’s armor and fled their fort.

Part Three: Lord ‘Dreadsword’

Duckie earned his name because he lathered his short sharp blade in black poison. A poison that was extremely deadly and killed his enemies only a few minutes after the steel bit the skin. As a druid serving the Tinadel family he studied various poisons and mixtures, combining snake venom with other ailments he created a poison that dried quickly on his sword but injected quickly into the blood. He was obsessed with snakes, believing that Jama himself created them from his own image.

Fearing that his alacrity for this material may cause his own death, he built an immunity to it. Digesting small portions into his own blood stream over time. He noticed that the concoction left an almost permanent black stain on the bodies of his fallen enemies. After becoming almost completely immune he painted his eyelids, lips, ears and fingernails with it. He firmly believed the marking of Jama on him gave him divine powers.

After reading the texts of Erak’s diary he was enamored by a prophecy that said the true blood of the first men from Frekal would rise and bring condemnation upon the true enemies of Jama. He believed this prophecy was about him since Tinadel was the only living family left and he wanted to reign. He also believed the enemies were the Tinadels because they betrayed their legacy and Jama’s blessing. Although he also feared that this resurrection of the dragon would be Daemon - even though he had defeated him Daemon was still powerful and he sensed that he was Laban’s true heir. He sought out to kill Daemon two other times, while he had defeated him his poisoned sword could not kill him which made him vexed and paranoid.

Lustful for revenge, power and renown Duckie found himself wandering all over the land for warriors to establish the Dreadsword Legion. Using various incantations and other sorcery to draw men to his cause from the pages of Erak’s writings. He sang in taverns and brothels, his songs turned men to his cause as they were verbal spells to invoke loyalty. Once he gathers a powerful force he will attack Tinadel, destroy their family and take his mantle as the chosen one of Jama who will bring condemnation of all of his enemies.
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