Drawing bannerlord characters


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1. Uffkel Skagason
2. Sturgia
3. Northern Ax
4. Chainmail and bearskin
5. Slavic tattoos on face
6. Tall with braid brown hair, braided mustache and beard, Green-blue eyes
7. Berszerker

Sirius Grey

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so here is a rough draft of @Varrak character. She is the first one I’m putting in here because she’s the only one that’s really where i want it to be lol. But I’ll also be putting a few more rough drafts in here. I’m a little iffy about it because I’m low key cheeks at drawing dudes. But i shall press on


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awesome! - just replied with my email on Private message - Many thanks ; so surreal seing a random idea go through the internet to have someone draw what you type :smile:

Don Teodoro

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These are really looking fantastic. I look forward to seeing more! (I have sent you my email in a conversation). ☺

Sirius Grey

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redoing @Kanabei character. He was the first one to make a request. As soon as i put the thread up he pm’d me. Anyway that is his character who is from the Aserai kingdom

Ruthless Griz

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I'm late and don't care if this doesn't get made... but if you did... well. Good man!

1. Merrick "Mad-Bear" Druedain
2. Sturgia / Battania hybrid
3. Great Axe/Sword, & Longbow (One or both of these)

4. Cold silver eyes, a piercing gaze. Straight shoulder-length, swept-back, bluish-black hair (not unkempt, but not too prissy) tucked behind his ears. A full & pointed beard that has only begun to be unruly. A tall man, broad-chested with large forearms from heavy use of lifting his greatsword and/or longbow. (Helpful hint: imagine Qui-Gon Jinn as a base but then combine elements of Thorin Oakenshield and a lot of Victarion Greyjoy to give him this mix of a skilled warrior, rough nobility, and an unbridled danger if provoked.)

5. A Maverick. Calm and collected. Watchful. Careful with his word. The Mad Bear is a famed noble for several famous battles where victory would seem unachievable. His castle in the snowy forests is not the grandest, but one of the oldest and most fabled in the North. He does not involve himself in the bickerings of Jarls and Kings but pledges to defend his ancestral homeland from threats of invading neighbors or inner conflicts. A warrior of renown for his resolve to skillfully use both steel and bow. Many in the past believed to have been able to deceive him, only to realize retribution would come in the cruelest and calculated ways.

6. Adorned with a bear mantle and heavy cloak latched with a silver ornamental chain. His armor combines pieces of lamellar, dark studded leather, and chainmail. His bow seems unnaturally larger to match his stature, and with arrows that could easily pierce through armour like small ballista bolts. His greatsword is chipped from the result of numerous shields that it shattered.

Some armor ideas

mixture of fur and cloth
Witcher inspired

Yep. That's all I could wordsmith for now! Regardless, this is cool that you are offering this.

Lord Engineer

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Splendid work! This will help make the wait a tad more bearable, I look forward to what you will produce next.

Also thought I might submit something as well

  1. Kela
  2. Battania
  3. Meatshields Soldiers though she carries around a sword as a status symbol
  4. Brown eyes, Shoulder length brown hair, Average height and build
  5. Ruthless and ambitious above all else, she seeks to live the most luxurious life she can and she will sacrifice whoever she must to in order to achieve her goal. Despite her humble origins, she has a blotted sense of self-worth and believes herself to be above everyone else. In other words, her reason for adventuring is "Lust for money and power."
    My first character will start with nothing but desire, they will have rejected their preordained role in life. They were not mean to be the third daughter of some humble artisan, who would have been forced to pick up her parent's craft and slave away each day for meagre earnings. No, my character wants money and power, and lots of it. Got to look after number one after all.

    Lords own all the money and do none of the work, so maybe it's time to become one. Better to watch others writhe in the dirt than to toil yourself. Her delicate hands are needed to count coins and to deal with all who get in her way. Permanently if need be. Lords are to be blessed with *false* kindness if they're useful or dealt with (killed, captured) if they're not. My character might even deign to marry one if it will further her needs (or more accurately: wants).

    Lords are simply tools for their ascension. My character is aware of the harsh realities of life and will kill, lie, and cheat her way to the top. Much better to climb atop a pile of agony and death than to struggle at the bottom; people just happen to make the perfect steps. Maybe someday she will climb to the very top after all that royal throne looks very comfortable.
  6. Pretty much always has a disdainful expression on her face, though she will put on a fake smile when dealing with powerful noblemen


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To help pass the time until bannerlord is released i have decided to start drawing some portraits of everyone’s characters for their first play through. If that’s something anyone would be down with just drop a message including
1. Your character’s name
2. What faction you will be fighting for
(So i can get an idea of the type of armor/clothing they’d wear)
3. Choice of weaponry
4. Basic characteristics (eye color, hair, height, build etc.)
5. Personality trait (little bit about them as a character)
6. Anything else you feel is relevant

I’ll be posting some of my work in the thread shortly.
1. Gökbörü Hatun
2. Khuzait
3. Bow & Arrrow, One Handed Sword, Shield
4. Light blue eyes like sky, black long hair, normal height size, perfect body, everyone who sees her falls in love with her.
5. She is so beautiful but a brave archer. She can also good fighter with sword & shield. She is so clever but not that strong physically, but mentally so strong. And a great leader of her clan. She has a big scar on her right arm. She got hit by a sword when saving her family from bandits when immigrating. She killed 10+ bandits by herself.
6. People believe she is "Blue Wolf" in the legends, who conqueror the Calradia.