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We are a German-speaking clan and offer a home for competitive and casual players alike. Our clan puts a fun experience for everyone before anything else, though the most fiercely ambitious of our members test their mettle in the competitive Skirmish scene in Bannerlord.
Thus we sent two teams into the first Skirmish tournament in the scene and the follow-up ladder tournament of >BEAST, where we participate in the A and C division.

Our motto is Helfen, Wehren, Heilen, which translates to help, oppose, heal. It urges our members to remain respectful at all times, amongst ourselves as well as with our fellow members of the M&B community.
Our clantag is [DR], recruits are tagged [DR]R.

We offer three play styles, two of which you can initially apply for:

The way of the Spear
For all those seeking to play actively and competitively, joining the Spears is the way to go. Spears participate in trainings, scrims and tournaments on a regular basis and undergo our internal training program. They're not initially about skill, we're happy to teach the game to newcomers and refine your skills to become an efficient part of a well-functioning team.

The way of the Shield
Offering a home for casual players and a way to remain part of the clan for longer absences, the Shields are the way to go if you're in for a fun experience, while not being required to attend trainings on a regular basis.

The way of the Sword
Reserved for members that passed our interal training program and adhere to fixed standards in attitude and performance alike. Joining the Swords is a goal for the most ambitious of our members and not open for direct application.

Interested? Visit us on Discord if you are intersted in joining or just for a friendly round in good company.
Please note that in order to join you must be atleast 16 years old and speak German, though it is not necessary to be on native speaker level. All relevant information is found on our discord in the channel #bewerbung.

We are a supporter of the community project Deutscher M&Bund.

Originally founded on 28.09.2009, then carrying the name Teutonic Knights, the Deutschritter are the oldest German-speaking clan of the M&B scene, while also belonging to the oldest clans in general. Back in the early days of the Warband beta we gathered what would now, accompanied by those faithful souls that joined our ranks since then in either edition of this clan, become the core of our venerable community. And during the beta for Bannerlord we set out yet again to gather brothers and sisters in our quest to bring glory to our name – Deutschritter.

2:1 Hessian
0:3 Hessian
3:0 Hessian
3:0 Hessian

Deutschritter 1 aka Furor Teutonicus
3:0 Armia Koronna BEAST#1
3:0 Black Team BEAST#1
3:0 The Holy Inquisition BEAST#1
3:0 Defenders of Faith BEAST#1 Ro16
1:3 Keyboard Warriors BEAST#1 QF
3:0 Hawkband + XIIIth Tagma BEAST#1 Placing Match
0:3 Defenders of Fortune BEAST#1 Place 5
4:0 Keyboard Warriors BEAST#2
2:2 Defenders of Fortune BEAST#2
0:4 Risen Manifest BEAST#2

Deutschritter 2 aka Acedia Teutonicus
2:1 Knights of the Round Table BEAST#1
0:3 Incompetent Warriors BEAST#1
2:2 (8:7) Black Team BEAST#2
0:4 Royaume de Cintra BEAST#2
3:1 Jinej Hrníček BEAST#2

The Bard (competitive)

Visit us on Discord
We're on Steam
Our German Thread
Our -Group
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hey, because the skirmish just finished when you asked the question - CoR isn't active per se (afaik), but a lot of us have started playing Bannerlord.

Good luck!

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We managed to match together in Skirmish and cuted a Video out of it. :smile:
(the background noices are german, sorry for that)