Download The Deluge v1.010 for M&B:Warband 1.168+ (11.11.2017)

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Latest version - The Deluge v1.010 for Warband v1.168 or newer  (11.11.2017)

Download The Deluge 1.010 installer (261MB at MODDB)
Download The Deluge 1.010 installer (261MB at NexusMods)
Download The Deluge 1.010 installer (261MB at GoogleDrive)
Download The Deluge 1.010 zip archive (333MB at GoogleDrive)
Download The Deluge from Steam Workshop

Dedicated server files:
Download The Deluge 1.010 dedicated server files (133MB at GoogleDrive)

Impotant notes (for hosting dedics):
Please check the "TheDeluge_dedic_commands.txt" file to learn new dedicated server commands.

Version 1.010 changelog:
- redid the UI for wider screens (16:9) and applied some fixes
- added complete polish translation
- added better version compatibility checks for safety reasons
- tons of fixes in names and texts (wrong names, typos, added missing texts etc.)
- added 9 new maps
- many small changes and fixes on old maps
- added new clan banners
- added moveable barrels of gunpowder, which explode when ignited or shot at ("spr_blackpowder_barrel")
- added new explosion effects and sounds
- added prop functionality to some doors using VAR parameters (setting hp in scene editor, adding damage filter)
- cannon ammo amount is now stored properly when packing/unpacking and transporting
- nerfed grapeshot cannon ammo
- AI should no longer be using broken melee weapons if they have undamaged weapons
- AI hussars will switch to swords when dismounted or being dehorsed
- fixed turkish-only music track plaing also for other factions
- added few modular scene props
- fixed a bug allowing to start bracing pikes during a jump
- fixed a bug allowing to "hide" an attack with X "charge" animation
- fixed personal/squad banner changing itself when dropping/picking-up
- fixed polls for bot number not working sometimes
- "reduce static mist" mod option replaced with "remove static mist"
- fixed sound of circling buzzards being too frequent and annoying
- pallisade and wood wall heaps are now correctly reset on round change, fixed missing use-texts
- fixed wrong HP on some doors after round change
- fixed bug with cannons being impossible to repair if they were left destroyed in previous round

Admin stuff:
- finished adding Admin Panel hints (also in polish)
- "Organized Battles" admin option now also allows to use special troops (engineers, generals...) in deathmatch and team deatchmatch modes
- added admin panel option and dedicated server command to turn off/on troop limits
- added admin panel option to auto-remove dropped banners
- dropped banners can also be removed manually by admin using "removebanners" command in F9 console
- fixed some F9 console commands not working properly
- added "reset" F9 console command for remaining game types (Sea Battles and Invasion)

- edited many flora textures for full antialiasing support and better performance
- fixed some minor problems with some textures
- fixed semi-transparent bark on few trees
- fixed squash_plant not disappearing during winter
- fixed white texture bugs on scene props "stone_1" to "stone_7"
- fixed holes in hussar armors
- tweaked most of player banners for better contrast-saturation
- tweaked lightning colors during thunderstorms

Game Modes:
- fixed broken spawns in Domination + added some tweaks and maps
- Domination flags can no longer be pulled down by mounted units
- added option to use Native bot command system instead of the new one
- fixed some issues with Duels and Duel rankings

- player's squad standard bearer now wields correct (player) banner
- player bots now respawn during supply rounds (if player has enough money)
- fixed players not getting gold for killing bots
- fixed wrong bot type spawned in squad when player is Commonwealth's Hajduk or Mercenary Pikeman

Sea Battles:
- fixed admin panel crashes
- fixed spawns at wrong positions (in the water)
- fixed a bug with all battle troops available after changing factions
- fixed not being able to spawn after choosing canoneer troop
- fixed musketeer and pikeman troops not getting armors or equipment
- Lion Pinnace is now playable in captains mode
- Full-Rigged Pinnace is now playable in captains mode
- fixed ship availability depending on map in captains mode
- improved camera controls while steering a ship (smoother movement for arrow keys, added mouse support)
- new option in Mod Options to turn off mouse camera controls for Sea Battles (to fix problems with game in windowed mode)
- fixed models and collision meshes of some ships
- added 3 more sea battle maps
- fixed missing sound when cannoball hits a ship
- fixed some player status indicators (eg. walking icon) not being shown

- added all missing troop information on troop selection screen
- added missing spyglass to Tatar's Bey
- Common Tatar and Kazan Tatar have only 1 javelin pack now
- nerfed health of most of the Cossacks (-1 Ironflesh)
- swedish national troops now have proper swedish wams' instead of german ones
- improved shooting skill and agility of Swedish Dragoons, Musketeers and Mercenary Musketeers
- improved one-handed skill of Swedish Reiters and National Reiters
- removed burgonets from Swedish national pikemen
- added more Scotish outfits and armors to Swedish mercenary infantry
- removed shield skill from all troops
- added Rondartschier troop to Holy Roman Empire and removed shields from pikemen
- removed two-handed swords from Imperial pikemen
- removed tartan from Imperial musketeers
- removed helmets and breastplates from Polish Reiters (making them light cavalry)
- removed breastplates and shields from Polish pikemen
- improved fighting skills and reduced shooting skill of Cossacks' Infantryman
- improved shooting skill of Cossacks' Registered Infantryman
- removed polerams from Cossacks' Registered Infantryman
- improved Cossack Donskoy's shooting accuracy

- fixed those random items which were bugged and causing issues
- fixed basic hussar armor LOD colors
- dropped, unlit grenades can now be picked up again
- lowered price of blunderbuss
- increased price of grenades
- changed price of Muscotive National Cavalry armors
- lowered price of Deli shields
- fixed a bug causing round not ending if someone was killed while holding a lit grenade
- fixed a glitch with hiding grenade while throwing it
- nerfed free Reiter pistols
- fixed parring daggers' text saying they can't be used to block
- adjusted some weapon speeds
- broken long pikes can no longer be used while on horse
- fixed wrong scabbard for combined sword-pistol
- fixed granade launcher bugs
Patch 0.51 is available for download. It should fix most of reported bugs and will also add some new stuff.

Download Patch 0.51

Download Patch 0.51 (M&B Repository)

List of changes:
List of changes, Bartus:
-Item stats redone, their closer to 0.4 version now
-Short weapons do a little more damage
-Bows are nerfed greatly
-Durability of shields is increased
-Musketoon is stronger
-Weakened matchlock arquebuss
-Weakened sword-pistol in melee attacks
-Double Barell Puffer is more expensive and has better accuracy.
-Melee fighting with muskets and pistol is less effective
-Common Tatar clay grenades removed. Weak bow added.
-Tatar engineer can now buy a horse and a pack of two clay grenades
-Kazindzi can now buy horses
-Changed clothes and armor stats
-Most bots shouldn't throw away their weapons now
-Added new horses. Old horse stats changed
-Swedes and Poles get some fast horses
-Many minor bugs fixed

List of changes, Daedalus:
- new music track for Ottomans
- removed remains of Native music
- many fixes on many maps
- added Mod Options:
  - vignette effect
  - options to turn off some UI
  - option to musket/cannon/grenade smoke
  - option to reduce or remove static mist
  - alternative key for launching Cirrcular Menu
- added anti camper "Death Mode" option for Battle game mode, displaying at chosen time where enemy players are
- added some new banners
- added password protected banner system for personal and clan banners
- tweaked musket smoke particles, changed the synchronization system a little bit for less lag
- fixed admin tools
- font made a little bigger
- fixed attaman hat and hair
- fixed hair sticking out from reiter invasion bot helmets
- Chosen infantry now can take musket OR pike, no longer both
- fixed "x-ray" courtains and windows
- removed information about players joining/leaving the server
- fixed rider falling from horse when recieving damage
- new hair darkened a little bit to fit better with beards
- fixed "/listtk" console command
- fixed blocking player on aiming musket/crouching combination
- pike bracing redone:
  - increased the angle at with bracing takes effect
  - pikes have greater chance of stopping or killing horse
  - pikes can be braced in two positions - while standing and while crouching (with different animations)
- damage of each projectile fired with blunderbuss is different
- invasion bots now should attack also wheeled shield which block their way
- fixed spelling Raitar - Reiter
- added some more dedicated server commands
- added "/revive" admin command for fast player ressurection (eg. after teamkill) on Invasion game type
- unlit grenades can be picked up
- fixed freeze
- fixed polls for kick/ban
- fixed server cannon errors
- fixed some log messages
- fixed invasion ai error messages
- fixed broken Hardcore mode on Invasion (causing spawn loop)
- fixed admin override poll tools
- fixed wheeled shield acting strange
- fixed cannon barrel rotating too much
- fixed sheated model for turkish axe
- added Cameraman Mode (removed HUD and messages)
- gold icon and text is now visible only on Troop and Equipement screens
- tweaked grapeshot damage to shields
- cannons made little more powerfull
- range of grenades decreased  (very little)

Updated dedicated server files:

The Deluge 0.51 - dedicated server files (sample battle server configuration included)
Patch 0.52 is available for download. It doesn’t just fix a lot of bugs, but also add some brand new features, which can’t be found anywhere else. What are those features? Take a look at list of changes… :wink:

Patch 0.52 (self-installer)
Patch 0.52 (zip archive)

(patch should be installed on 0.5 or 0.51 version)

List of changes:
IMPORANT FEATURE – weather has strong influence on ranged combat
- added misfires for blackpowder weapons
- misfire chance is higher in bad weather conditions
- added bowstring break (bow can be restringed)
- added bow break chance (bow is unusable)
- bow are less effective and less accurate in bad weather
- fixed “digging trenches to the sky” bug
- fixed “instant reload” bug for muskets
- polish light cavalry unit cannot mix polish-tatar outfits anymore
- arrows limited to one quiver at start
- limited number of thrown weapons
- pikes and hussar lances made longer
- hussar estocks can break during attack
- fixed admin list for kicking/banning
- added “/refill” console command to refill agents ammo
- fixed not showing icon when cannon is being loaded
- fixed player hair not showing correctly sometimes
- cooldown for voice commands increased to 4 seconds
- changed pistol/musket icons
- changed some shaders, should improve FPS
- tweaked musket aiming animation (muskets were pointing too low)
- added shortcut button for Special Ability (digging trenches, bracing pike…)
- tweaked few maps, fixed AI mesh and stuff
- fixed bugged Zbaraż map – ladders on Invasion and sally door not opening
- fixed riding skills fo tatar engineer and infantryman
- flying arrow models scaled down a little
- fixed major faction banners – if player picked one of those banners, banner was changing according to currently played faction
- added some new public banners
- added many clan password protected banners
- tweaked musket lengths and particles
- fixed bug with red skull appearing at start of round
- tweaked bots and Invasion waves
- new players who join Invasion should be able to spawn next round, not only each 4 rounds
- supply/respawn round time on Invasion icreased from 30 to 45 seconds. Other rounds decreasd to 25 seconds
- added “auto-revive after teamkill” option for Battle and Invasion (+ slay teamkiller option)
- added “refund teamkilled player” option
Added new dedicated server commands:
- setting teamkill stuff (see above)
- setting Invasion rounds delay (separate for normal rounds and supply/respawn rounds)
- setting Invasion supply/respawn round nuber (can be each 4 round or each 3 rounds)
- many other small fixes

Updated dedicated server files:

The Deluge 0.52 - dedicated server files (sample battle server configuration included)

Servers 1_Deluge_Tawerna and 1_Deluge_INV_Tawerna are already running on 0.52 version.
Patch 0.53 is available for download. Check list of changes for more details.

Patch 0.53 (self-installer)
Patch 0.53 (zip archive)

(patch should be installed on 0.5 or later version)

List of changes:
- musket and pistol reloading has been divided into three sections – when the reloading process is interrupted, player will start reloading the gun from the begining of the section, on which reloading was interrupted
- reloading times increased slightly to balance new reloading system
- old sabres and military hammers have a small chance to break
- new items: halberd, Scottish mercenaries outfits , tartans
- some new glove models
- small fixes: Segban can buy a horse, Cossack peasant can buy old musket, best shield removed from Azab
- fixed “Whellock” names
- changed troop limits
- added new troop for Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – mercenaries (only Scottish so far)
- added auto refill (ammo) + heal after won due;
- fixed dummy error
- fixed digged heaps shadows
- lowered chance to break bowstring and bow
- lowered weather accuracy influence on muskets and bows
- increased musket accuracy about 10%-12%
- increased pike damage a little
- increased bow accuracy about 10%, lowered arrow speed for weaker bows
- fixed bug with re-stringing the bow
- fixed blunderbuss misfire bug
- fixed auto-revive after teamkill option
- fixed bullet hit particles not showing for player when hosting a game
- fixed sheated models for pistols in melee mode
- fixed default items (so force default armor should work correctly now)
- changed misfire chances for combined sword-pistol and double barreled puffer
- fixed some protected banners
- fixed new 16 banners not showing up

Updated dedicated server files:

The Deluge 0.53 - dedicated server files (sample battle server configuration included)

Servers 1_Deluge_Tawerna and 1_Deluge_INV_Tawerna are already running on 0.53 version.
All who already downloaded and installed 0.53 patch - please redownload and install it again. I've just uploadaed some important fixes. There weren't many of them, so I decided not to change the version number. It's more of a quickfix or small update than a proper patch. It's also not needed, but HIGHLY recommended to instal it.

- added new map for today's battle + small fixes (for AI) on Zbaraż and Eagle's Nest
- fixed new gloves (their shaders and positioning)
- fixed some items not being available:
  - halberd
  - Segban's horse
  - one of Scottish armors
- decreased greatly chance to break bowstring
- decreased greatly chance to break the bow
- decreased accuracy bonuses for muskets (they're nearly like in 0.52 patch now)
- reduced time needed for reloading weapon after misfire (muskets start with 40% reloading done, pistols with 58% - animations and time needed to reload will change in next "proper" patch)
- new 16 banners should work correctly now
- auto-revive should work correctly now (still, I didn't have a chance to test it yet :wink:)
- added script blockade which should stop bots (especially pikemen) from killing players from behind walls and other obstacles. This needs a lot of testing, though. Also, it works only for polearms so far.
- added minimal distance check for pikes - if target is too close, no damage should be dealt by the pike. This also needs a lot of testing.
- scaled down LODs for head model (head should no longer be visible from behind the hair at medium distances)
- other small fixes...
Patch 0.54 is available for download. Many bug fixes + some cool new stuff... :wink:

Patch 0.54 (self-installer)
Patch 0.54 (zip archive)

(patch should be installed on 0.5 or later version)

List of changes:
- fixed flora shaders
- added shaders for heraldic banners and hussar lances

-new unit for each faction - standard bearer
-hussars get polish horse and red gloves
-Chosen infantry gets weak musket
-added some boots for polish engineer
-military picks removed from Registered Cossack, bows added
-military picks for Rezun
-added lances for Deli
-better bow for Gonullu + default bow
-heavy armors for arquebuzer
-fixed helmets for musketeer
-better firearms for Segban
-fixed riding bug for Segban and Solak
-azab now has weak musket
-cossack peasant now has weak musket
-polish mercenary nerfed a little
-higher prices for armors (not clothes)
-higher prices for heavy turkish horses
-added buńczuk
-swedish and scottish armors sorted

- added heraldic personal and faction banners
- added some new animations for standard bearers
- added "order charge" animation (only when on horse and using onehanded weapon) - key X
- fixed musket reload animation after misfire
- some new stuff in Mod Options (like setting any button for circular menu or special ability)
- added "set_troop_limits" dedicated server command for easy setting/turning off troop limits (doesn't work for engineers and standard bearers
- many fixes in scripts

...+ many things that we just forgot to list here. :wink:

Updated dedicated server files:

The Deluge 0.54 - dedicated server files (sample battle server configuration included)

Servers 1_Deluge_Tawerna and 1_Deluge_INV_Tawerna are already running on 0.54 version.
Important note:

Patch 0.54 has been reuploaded with some important stability fixes. If you already installed 0.54 patch, please redownload it from our website and install it again. It's not necesary, but highly recommend.
Patch 0.55 is available for download. It brings you some changes and a very important fix, which all of you will like...

Patch 0.55 (self-installer)
Patch 0.55 (zip archive)

(patch should be installed on 0.5 or later version)

List of changes:
- updated to newest WSE version

-changed stats of long firearms
-Janissary and Solak got some more sabres
-Cossack Peasant gets more weak muskets
-Swedes don't have polish horses anymore
-Swedes don't have Arquebusier anymore
-Swedish and Polish Reiters can buy short arquebuses
-Changes in Swedish troops
-Changes in Polish troops
-Ottoman engineer can't ride horse anymore
-Dragoons should should be faster while mounted now
-First two invasion waves of Swedes have been nerfed

- you no longer have to connect to server twice to start playing
- Duel game type enchanced with ranking system (points and statistics are stored on each server)
- player stats logging system added. Stats can be viewed by typing "/stats" in the chat
- weather have influence on bow shooting speed and arrow speed/range
- weather have influence on speed and maneuver of horses
- "no attack through walls" blockade added also to human players
- riders will fall of a horse, if that horse will be called by it's owner
- musket reloading system redone. Should work better now.
- fixed frag counting on Duel (frags were ignored if you killed player from the same faction)
- fixed throwing knives and daggers
- "charge order" removed from some of the weapons (like estocks)
- fixed banners and long weapons not disappearing after round change
- fixed those trees, bushes and objects, which were acting strange
- increased max possible round time
- other small fixes

Updated dedicated server files:

The Deluge 0.55 - dedicated server files (sample battle server configuration included)

Servers 1_Deluge_Tawerna and 1_Deluge_INV_Tawerna are already running on 0.55 version.
For now Steam users should install this quickfix for patch 0.55 -

It brings back old server joining system (you have to connect twice).
Important mini-patch:

- Upgraded to WSE 2.7.0
- Fixed problems with Steam version
- Fixed broken Duel
- Fixed broken banners when dropping
- Fixed some other stuff

Both Tawerna servers and both Tercio servers are already running on 0.552 patch.
Changed info in the first post. Added link to standalone, portable version of the mod for those who have Warband 1.153 and want to try the mod.
Version 0.8 is ready for downloading...

Download the full installer of The Deluge 0.8 (at Moddb)

Download the full installer of The Deluge 0.8 (at MEGA)

Download the full installer of The Deluge 0.8 (at Nexus)

Download the full installer of The Deluge 0.8 (at GoogleDrive)

Impotant notes:
Make sure you run the game using "The Deluge" desktop shortcut created by the installer or directly using WSELoader.exe from mod's WSE directory.

Steam users may have to convert their Warband Serial Key if game will ask for one. Just copy your WB serial from Steam and paste it here -

Note that there might be no 0.8 servers running at this moment. Be patient, give people a while to switch their dedicated servers to the new version.

List of changes: (too many to list them actually, but in short...)
- Sea Battles!
- whole new faction, old factions totally redone
- few new game types (Domination, Squad Leaders, Last Man Standing...)
- cannon system redone
- tons of new models and textures
- seasons
- 70+ maps
- new animations and effects
- lots and lots of new scripts and gameplay enhancements
- ...and tons of new bugs! :wink:

In next few days I'll try to list most of the new features and new gameplay mechanics (trust me, some of them need explaining), so stay tuned. :smile:

Patch 0.82 ready for downloading...

Download  The Deluge 0.82 patch (at GoogleDrive)

Download  The Deluge 0.82 patch (at Moddb)

Dedicated server files:
Small dedicated 0.82 patch (if you have the 0.8 server files)

Full dedicated server files 0.82

List of changes:
- fixed various bugs reported on english and polish bugtrackers
- implemented various suggestions from english and polish bugtrackers


- changed misfire system - this should get rid of a bug, which caused a melee weapon to be visible in player's right hand, when he was holding musket
- fixed missing texture errors
- crouching behavior and animations changed
- added crouched walking
- changed the way that some sounds (building, digging, reloading...) are synchronized with clients - that should fix sound looping bugs after player's death and after round change
- fixed problems with troop limits on troop selection screen for players joining after game has started
- fixed a bug with some scene objects losing collision after round change
- fixed lack of collision for one village house
- building materials and packed cannon ammo chests are now dropped when player mounts a horse
- changed the way that musket and pistol effects are synchronized with clients (needs testing)
- lowered misfire chance in bad weather conditions and (greatly) during snowing
- reduced ship HP on normal naval battles to 50% of current value (captain mode untouched)
- fixed voting for game type and map
- fixed siege respawn count option in admin panel
- fixed siege defenders not able to win when round time is up
- fixed "spawn_items" server errors
- fixed weapon misfire in naval battles
- fixed banner carring animations
- fixed some troops with shovels (eg. mercenary pikeman) not able to dig
- swimming check on naval battles is now done server-side (this should fix swimming glitches)

- removed some old, unused and invalid objects on various maps
- added missing armor to one of swedish jagers (Invasion bot)
- added randomized flags for enemy Invasion bots
- killed player drops all his cannon lighters and cannon rams, even if they were not currently in his hands - this is to prevent quick losing of tools needed to mend the cannons
- added support for multiple supply boxes on Invasion
- added second supply box on Dead End map
- after winning on Invasion, map is now auto-switched
- added missing misfire info to heavy muskets
- added "penalty with shields" info to melee weapons
- sound effect of nearby cannon being fired is now played only once (it was played twice to enhance the effect - that didn't work well)
- (polish version only) fixed double-text in multiplayer main menu
- fixed static falconet model
- fixed matchlock musket fuse smoke wrong position
- fixed bugged torch at watchtower on "Rebel Camp" map
- changed the way useable torches are spawned, so they should no longer spawn too high from the torch stand or on the ground, below the stand
- removed static fire loop sounds from torches and lanters (that should reduce bugs caused by too many sounds played at the same time)
- fixed "Coast" and "Port" maps ship models
- added Lithuania banner to Commonwealth's flagbearer
- fixed missing troop selection for naval battles (captain mode)
- fixed wrong "horse friendly fire" description
- fixed some clan banners not visible (also added new clan banners)
- fixed wrong names of last few clans
- changed cannon crosshair color for winter maps to orange

Troop and equipment changes:
- added rapiers
- fixed stats and prices of all muscovite pikemen and reiter armors
- great lances, lances and estocks (temporarily) can no longer be used with shields
- added shovels to polish levy infantry, Sengban, Tufekczi and registered cossack
- all horse maneuver stats increased by 2 points
- fixed stats of infantry and cavalry swords
- removed troop limits for some troops
- melee muskets speed nerfed by 5 points
- added troop limits for each faction's cavalry units (all cavalry units can now make max 50% of whole team)
- removed cavalry picks from infantry units
- bows now do +4 damage - damage type changed to cutting
- pistols get +3 damage
- fixed muscovite broadsword damage
- Sipah Cavalrymen no longer have estocs
- added new muskets to ottoman guards
Patch 0.83 ready for downloading...
Both TFW servers are already running 0.83 version.

Download  The Deluge 0.83 patch (at GoogleDrive)

Download  The Deluge 0.83 patch (at Moddb)

Dedicated server files:
Small dedicated 0.83 patch (if you have the 0.8 or 0.82 server files)

Full dedicated server files 0.83

List of changes:
- fixed bug which allowed people to use long weapons and muskets from horseback after spawn
- fixed invisible broken tatar rohatynas
- 2 new maps for sea battles
- rider takes damage while falling from a killed horse
- small buff to cavalry riding skills
- small buff to bow accuracy
- fixed lack of boots for polish pikeman on sea battles
- fixed wagon infinite loop crash
- wagons are now destructible
- small changes to invasion bots ai
- neverending repair/dig/cannon reload sounds fixed for good this time
- new building system for engineers
- fixed engineer's axe kill indicator icon
- fixed bugs with digged heaps keep raising even after the death of digging person
- player dehorsing added back in
- added various dehorsing bonuses to some items (polearms with hooks)
- fixed crouching animations for banner carriers
- fixed deli plume and tatar cap hair problems
- fixed "set_bots_per_squad_invasion" server command
- fixed broken votes for random season and random time of day
- fixed players who picked Sweden and Ottomans not able to buy bots in Invasion
- another take at spawning torches at wrong positions (now it's synched with clients, so it should work fine)
- dropped torches prune time set to 999999 (they shouldn't disappear)
- fixed random banners for enemies in invasion
- fixed invasion banner bonuses
- added some simple admin control over invasion bots
- added onehanded crouching animations
- destroyed gates now fall flat (90 degrees)
- fixed no overhead banners for double factions and invalid banners
Version 0.91 is ready for downloading...
All Official servers are already running 0.91 version.

Download  The Deluge 0.91 installer (at GoogleDrive)
Download  The Deluge 0.91 zip archive (at GoogleDrive)

Download  The Deluge 0.91 installer (at MEGA)
Download  The Deluge 0.91 zip archive (at MEGA)

Impotant note:
Please keep in mind that this is a beta version (first public release after porting from WSE to clean Warband). There may be some very nasty bugs. You can help us by reporting any bugs you may find in this thread -,217137.0.html

Dedicated server files:
coming soon

List of changes:
A lot of different things, most of them we already forgot, but here are some of the most important ones:
- WSE is no longer required (no more problems for Steam users)
- many old models were redone, many new models
- all of the factions were redone
- one brand new faction (Holy Roman Empire)
- many new scripts and functionalities
- many old bugs fixed
- many new bugs added :wink:
Version 0.92 is ready for downloading...
All Official servers are already running 0.92 version.

Download  The Deluge 0.92 installer (at GoogleDrive)
Download  The Deluge 0.92 zip archive (at GoogleDrive)

Dedicated server files:
Download  The Deluge 0.92 dedicated server (at GoogleDrive)

List of changes 0.91 -> 0.92:
- item balance fixes
- new items added
- fixed banner names
- new banners added
- some map changes and fixes
- few new maps added
- all textures renamed to lowercase (for Linux and Mac users)
- texture mipmaps removed for those textures that didn't need them (improved UI visuals if texture quality is set to lower than 100)
- fixed grenade stun
- fixed admin toys
- fixed script 161 error
- epic heavy musket walking anim is back
- fixed missing boots
- fixed Duchy of Lithuania Flag
- fixed HRE engineer
- fixed grenades explosion after agent's death
- fixed some pallisades building errors
- fixed AI wrong animation for horsemen when attacking props
- fixed map causing CTDs
- fixed stray horses removal (was too fast)
- fixed spyglass
- fixed hair changing between spawns (needs testing)
- fixed polls for season/weather/time change
- fixed siege tower disappearing
- fixed pistol/musket reloading on horseback
- fixed musket walk-reloading when getting off horse
- fixed Inavsion bots spawn
- fixed some banner poles not disappearing
- Invasion bots commanding fixed and expanded
- fixed additional Siege flags
- heavy firearms can now pierce through most of thin wooden objects (doors, fences, carts, small pallisades, watchtower...)
- fixed some dedicated server commands
- added some new dedicated server commands (see TheDeluge_dedic_commands.txt file)
- weapons are now less likely to break and fall out of hands
- fixed muskets falling out of hands
- fixed random teleport of driver after wagon is destroyed
- fixed low ammo for bots in Squad Leaders (and in Invasion when bots are controlled by an admin)
- fixed some LOD armors not being rigged
- fixed covered wagon not being destructible
- fixed double factions being "stuck"
- fixed cannon shot effects position for naval battles
- fixed some invasion bots not having a weapon
- fixed bardiches working differently when having a heavy musket
- fixed Castle on the Hill gates
- fixed HRE hajduk digging ability
- picking up banners (they changed image sometimes)
... and many more minor changes and fixes
Links have been updated. If you downloaded 0.92 before this message, you can download this quickfix package and copy files to coresponding folders to fix "Ruins" map and burgonets textures.

Quickfix 0.92 -
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