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Please answer ONLY after trying ALL fixings: "HOW DOES 1755 v.3.2 RUN ON YOUR PC?"


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Love the mod, but two questions...

Why are there seperate factions for the Frontier and the Mother country? Eventually, the historical "roleplay" factor becomes  diminished when the British Frontier is fighting Great Britian and the French Frontier is fighting France and the French and British never fight eachother.

And why are natives and animals so overpowered? The half-naked natives have the equivalent of steel armor, and the clothed soldiers have the equivalent of leather armor?

Great mod. Can't wait for 1860's and TAR.


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AdmiralZebulon, thx for compliments.
I HAD to split  factions like that, due to "modding" reasons...but it came out a good compromise...didn t it?
I explained many times why Indians are so overpowered...mostly due to the shocking and fearfull ambushes they would make!!
NOT really cuz of their poor skin "armours", more to their great guerrilla/hiding/terrorizing attacks, see? do you put that in the game???!!  :shock:
.....I decided to increase their "protections", see?  :wink:
Some Indian Warpainted Heads are so highly skills for the terrorizing effect they would make, as well.

Keep in touch  :razz:


Hey, I just found out about this mod. Looks amazing! So I try to download it...

First off, I get like 10 ~ 20 kb/s, when I normally get aroudn 2 mb/s downloads. Weird. Oh well, so I just ignore that and wait the few hours.
But after about 10 mb of downloading, the download just completes! I know its WAYY bigger than 10 mb. I just can't seem to download this thing!
Sorry to be a burden, but could you post another link for the download? I even tried downloading it off of chrome and ie, still the same result. Help D: I really want to play this!
I remember playing this mod a while ago when I was ten. (I'm 11 now.) I had lots of fun, and I read one of your old posts (Correct me if I'm wrong.) that everybody misunderstands that this mod was not about shiny European line battles but about the Native Americans: Which I understand, maybe when I learn m&n warband modding I might try o create a mod that focuses more on the native americans, maybe a little smaller in scale.

But what I was going to say was that this mod is great! and it's only 197 MB download!

Thanks to the devs!  :mrgreen:

Also, is there any way to disband lilly?


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It is all explained in the guideline....and it took so much time to write down all those things ....
Please read all the main topics before asking.
PS if you put Lilly at the bottom of your troops list, she will not spawn all over anymore (arenas, etc).
But you need to abandone Lilly and get a normal wolf. She is a NPC, that s why she has some skills.
Go to Gaston s village and leave her there, if you "best man's friends" abandoner:twisted:
Actually I have a special liking for her, cuz I gave her my real dog' s name and took so long to make her working in the game (the ONLY mod that has a dog in!!  :cool: )


hey guys i've been trying to download this off of nexus, repository, etc, and the download seems to stop working at a random point and says

"C:\Users\Castello\1755_Old_Frontier_v._3.2(3).7z could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator."

Please help! I love Gabby's 1860's mod, and this looks interesting, but I can't friggin download it!


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I just tried it with 1755 OF v3.2 on Steam WB 1.153, and while I didn't play much, there don't appear to be any issues.


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jackx said:
I just tried it with 1755 OF v3.2 on Steam WB 1.153, and while I didn't play much, there don't appear to be any issues.
H E Y !!!!!!!!!!
Look who is here!  :mrgreen:
Hallo Jack, how s going?!

Yep, the very last patch was so good for 1755 and the early alpha of 1860s v.0.81....too bad for 1776.
But I will update it the 4th of July (coincidence? Nope!  :twisted: ) ...and it will surely be more playable...exception made for Diplomacy issues.

Gabby :wink:


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Hey Gabby. :smile:
I'm fine, been a bit busy, and so I haven't been on the forums much lately and posted even less. Good to see you're back in action and progress on your mods is coming along nicely.

I'd considered throwing my name in as a potential tester for 1776 v1.5, but I'm afraid I won't have the time, as I already have a testing commitment to another mod (for Rome:Total War), and I don't want to do a half-assed job or pull out of that one. :/

I'll keep an eye on the new 1860's as well, though the period doesn't capture my attention nearly as much as the 18th century - between the quick test yesterday and reading about someone's attempt to play as Magwa, I already have a couple new things on my mind I want to try out in 1755...


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Oh and dont worry.
All my new and old friends will be sent a dwld link, if they ask.
Even if you will just give a fast try and play casually, lets say.. :wink:
Just remind it to me if I forget, oK?
Yep, the very last patch was so good for 1755 and the early alpha of 1860s v.0.81....too bad for 1776.
But I will update it the 4th of July (coincidence? Nope!  :twisted: ) ...and it will surely be more playable...exception made for Diplomacy issues.
I don't met too much issues yet. Except my computer crashing and going blue-screen sometimes (mostly during battles; happened twice today, last time during a glorious battle against the Spanish :sad: ). Also, sometimes groups of red text appears on the left side of the screen ("Error opcode" or something, followed by things about "lady courtship troop" or something like that), but while I played the WB version of tEatRC some time back, such messages literally flooded the screen. So you can say I'm rather used to it. And in your mod it's not too serious, I think.


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Ciao Joe!!  :razz:
Yesss...hehehe...I remember those times in The Eagle And The Radiant Cross, and loving it but definetly hoping in a better version. And they made it and the game is a MASTERPIECE now!!!  :shock:
Hey...ever played BOILING POINT???
Such a potentially great Pc Game, where you could pratically do anything you wanted in a Huge big map....and it was back in 2004??!!  :shock:
Well, I loved it and played it even if had TONS of Bugs, jeeeess  :roll: ....
But that s the point: to apreciate what you get even if not perfect.....and hope in a better version for the future.
I liked a lot Just Cause 2, on the same kind and very modern game...but still missing the charme of Old Meyers in Boiling point. May be cuz he was my age...hehehe... :wink:

Thx for your comment, much apreciated as always


As a mount&blade fans I very thank the authors make good MOD but I'd like to make a little question why guns in stores and items column show mapping is vertical downwards see so I think very inappropriate see guns appearance I suggest that the author with fire and sword that gun shows that I just some advice hope you can adopt god bless you

the gjok

the gjok said:
This Mod is Great but i don`t can play it longer than about 30. min
then skin it out myself and it stais run time error  :sad:
I need Help ! please !
the gjok said:
When i start a fight a war wath ever it skin out myself and it stais run time error


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Please, DO NOT spam posts with same content.

UPdate ur WB to v. 1.153 and it will all work like charm.
Have also a look at the Guideline.

The 3.2 version of this Mod is very stable and took a lot to make it. Just follow ALL instructions, but mostly, update wb.

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