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Hey admin I have a question. My regiment is trying to join the Purple Faction on the NA server since it isnt taken. How is it possible? We are at the fort where the flag is but its not letting us join it. Hoiw do we do it? Please respond as soon as possible.


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JohnRocket said:
dedicated files + scene object please

I believe the development team are only allowing official servers currently, it may change in the future but its their decision.



Please make it so you can't respawn at your fort when it's being attacked. Having people constantly respawn when you're faction is trying to take a fort is extremely annoying, and it makes it almost impossible to capture. Please change this feature.


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The respawn can"t be closed and in normal PW you can capture faction fort to prevent respawning but all the faction camp except one north fort point can't be captured.
I will more conquest feature in my custom.


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I'll upload my copy from MEGA link to google docs for everyone's convenience if that is ok with the team of course. Still uploading exe of ver 11 fuin2 WIP for testing purposes.


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Still gonna upload my copy .zip to google docs so if anyone gets any problems they have this link that works for everyone nearly.


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Since we don't have a proper Tw forum for now.

here EU forum btw : http://eua.lastmikoi.net/index.php

And here a little surprise for my faithful EU people.
Who shall rules the waves.



Info said:
Server: EUA_Seabattle
Time: 15h00 GMT PM  Sunday 23th june
Slots: 200
Event Type: Sea battle
Duration: 1h30- 2 hours
Note : Full musket fire action, but not canons.

What? said:
A mother ship on each side to serve as a base. And 2 big ship on each side for a battle.
There is a capturable area which will be the main objective of the battle.
A storm on the enemy ship is possible but it will be hard to do.

Rules said:
- Doors for boats will only open if everyone is ready.
- Sailors will have a banner on their back. If anyone come close to the steering area he will be slay by an admin.
- There will be an invisible admin on deck covering the Steering area to avoid the famous messing with the allied ship.


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Uploading to google docs for one more mirror..should be a reliable download link once finished.
Curses! It is stuck at 74% right now..
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