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Ulrich von Liechtenstein

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Knights the Last Battle version 4  ★★★ ★★★

Mod for Mount & Blade Warband (version 1.143)

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1. Six factions – England, Burgundy, The Holy Roman Empire, Flanders, France, Swiss Union;
2. Map of the Western Europe very similar to historical was made.
3. Huge number of new models - horses, weapons, shields, armor, clothes, etc.
4. New castle scenes were added.
5. Animation was reworked and expanded.
6. All rulers, applicants, lords and their wives are really existed historical characters.
7. The faces were reworked (for instance, when you choose female character, you can choose earrings)
8. New coats of arms and flags.
9. Firearm of the late 15th century were added including petrinals and harquebusses.
10. Diplomacy Mod was added(version 2.8 )
11. Diffirent models of bombards, field guns, culverins were made, but wihout expert in scripting, they are silent (nonactiv) in that mod version.

Planed to be done:

1. Mod with available multiplayer.
2. Change texts and descriptions (only in Russian vers.)

Historical reference:

1460 AD. Seven years have passed from the end of the Great War, which will be called the Hundred Years War lately…

England, which has lost almost all its possessions on the continents, is splitted into two parts by the War of the Roses. Opposing houses of Yorks and Lancasters are fighting for the power for several years with mixed fortunes for the both sides, abundantly pouring British lands with blood. Weak King Henry VI is just indifferently watching at bloody strife of his subjects…

France is finally united under the power of the one ruler – King Charles VII, who was called the Winner. His politics brought economic prosperity to subjects. He has learned the lesson from his previous defeats and held military reforms – weaponry was upgraded, new tactics were elaborated, permanent army was organized. The king was old and sick... and his own son craves to hasten the time of his accession to the throne…

Burgundy is in the prime of its power. Knights from whole Europe aim to take part in magnificent and gorgeous tournaments, which continually replace each other. Fillip The Kind has left the large duchy to his son. But young and ambitious Charles The Brave craves more – he wants to take part in history by making Kingdom from Burgundy. Military reforms are hold in the country according to this aim. But, unlike the French, duke’s warriors don’t have discipline. Battle tactics become obsolete, the pomposity and luster of knights makes them much better for tournaments then for battlefield…

Flanders has always been famous for its wealth because of developed craft and trade. Because of this Flanders has always been a dainty piece for its powerful neighbours. But Flemings are not only skilful craftsmen and lucky merchants. They will defend their land with weapons in arms, if it is necessary. Flemish Goodendags used to collect blood tribute among French and Burgundian knights…

The Swiss Union of eight old cantons achieved its independence by weapons in arms. Tactics, organization and training of Swiss soldiers sometimes defeated noble knights, clad in iron armor. Neighbours are watching at growing strength of cantons with apprehension and trying to keep good relationships with them in every possible way to set Swiss against their enemies…

The Holy Roman Empire is in a deep crisis. The power of the Emperor Friedrich III is reeling; German princes became practically independent; Emperor’s younger brother has a claim on the part of Habsburg’s inheritance. In spite of this, Empire is still trying to get Swiss lands back, under its power. Also, The Holy Roman Empire contests Lorraine from Burgundy dukes…


Ulrich von Liechtenstein


Baltijec - master of all trades - scripting, text editing, tester etc.
Nicki-13 - text editor, translator.
Nurimitsu - modeler.
Sinbad - Top modeler.
Vetal - Texts, translations, tester.
Kuntz Aulok - modeler.

Broken Crescent – translation of the description into English;
Moxica, Adasyg – writing the descriptions (in Russian).

Thanks for the help and provided operating time:

Some models were borrowed from: Polished Landscapes mod, The Eagle and the Radiant Cross
Scripts were integrated (with permission of Waihti - author of Diplomacy Mod)
Special thanks for the help - Bahti
Handgunner - models
Thanks for the face models - Thel, Yiyang Chen and Barf
Thanks Rosha for clothes of priests
Many thanks and gratitudes to Dome for inspiration and sweetest textures of all.
Narf of Picklestink for providing models.
Rath0s - patronizing guru.
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