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NICK.ALTMAN presents a new mod


Lords and Realms
      - rule your own kingdom with a true medieval army -
This mod is compilation of mods combined into one by my ideas. It's an upgraded version Medieval Duke and Mercenaries by Luigi with my new troops and lot of nice kingdom features.







1.1b http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1019

1.0 http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1000

Installation: Just unRaR and copy it to M&B/Modules folder

The mod is meant to be played on hardest settings without saving possibility. So that means 135% if you don't have the battlesizer. It's the only way to go!

I recommend sizer to 160 and 150%.

Also I recommend to install Zaro's Graphical Enhancement mod 2.51


Lords and Realms fan made add-ons:
(They might be not compatible with the latest version. Check the add-on info for details)

Lords and Realms: Overpopulation

Lords and Realms: Realistic Combat Model


Version 1.508:
- every faction has 2 new units ( I used messenger and deserter slot)
- some units stats tweaked to suit new units
- 2 helmets fixed so ears and noses don't stick out
- 3 new map icons
- 30 new items
- Vaegirs refreshed
- some units have new items
- smaller tweaks on units with new items

Version 1.505:
- More Metal Sound Mod 1.7 by Checkmaty
- some outlaw units renamed and made slightly stronger

Version 1.504:

- player kingdom color changed to blue!
- 2 new flags by Simo and VC
- Watchman tweaked (no more pike)
- some Ransom Brokers got new tunics
- Adventurers tweaked
- new textures for Hospitaler and Teutonic horse by AD
- Rhodoks and Teutons tweaked
- Praven arena fix (so horses don't stuck at one point at the barrier)
- some items made merchandise and some not
- Village defenders tweaked

Version 1.503:

- 6 new byrnies
- 6 new helmets
- 3 new studded coats
- all Nordic type troops redressed
- Swadian equipped with new coats
- many different mercs, militia, bandits tweaked with new equipment
- village defenders tweaked
- some items and textures fixed
- item 478 war hammer so it has 12 pierce thrust damage
- item 464 pole hammer now has pierce damage
- item 463 pole axe had no damage in thrust so its 25 pierce now
- item 487 war axe got now 18 pierce damage and can thrust

Version 1.502:

- 15 new viking shields
- Nords reequipped with new shields
- Sea raiders and Viking mercs reequipped too
- Anna got a new shield
- Nord lords and merchants redressed in new nordic tunics
- some Nord Village elders redressed too
- village of Gisim tweaked (path to Village Elder corrected)
- edited scenes in Tihr, Wercheg and Sargoth so you can see new items at the merchants

Version 1.501:

- Zweihandler 137 length
- Highlander Claymore 126 length
- Nick's Axe made Two Handed/One Handed
- Two Handed Morningstar shortened
- King Ragnar got a new Viking helmet
- all fighter in arenas and tournaments made a lot ( I mean a lot stronger)
- all lords and kings (and pretenders) made stronger
- player kingdom lords stronger in the same manner
- 3 arena fighters renamed and made a little bit stronger
- one tournament helmet changed
- starting gear made the player as a Norman knight  :grin: ( I just saw a show about Normans)
- some lords equipment tweaked
- English knight tweaked

Version 1.5 features:

- Panoramic mod 2.0 by The Witcher
- new animations by MAXHARDMAN (ACM 0.3)
- Nobel sword fix
- imported about 60 new items
- kings made stronger
- some lords and kings tweaked
- new art by Shjn
- NCP's tweaked
- Swadians reequipped
- Nords reequipped
- Teutons reequipped
- Sea Raiders tweaked
- 4 new merc troop trees
- player tweaked
- default banner changed

Version 1.408:

-12 new warhorses
- 8 new helmets
- some player faction lords tweaked
- almost all Vaeghirs have some updated gear (horseman tweaked so his bear doesn't strike out)
- Templars have new horses
- Teutons have new horses
- some mercenary/bandit/militia units tweaked
- Nord Axeman and Beserker tweaked (fixed their stats)
- Constable of Jerusalem tweaked
- Land Lord tweaked
- 2 new mercenary units Black knight and Gothic knight
- maybe more

Version 1.406:

- Nelag castle fixed
- Beserker tweaked so he has more strike power

It is save compatible

Version 1.405:

- New unit added. Khergit Guard Infantry
- Khergit Warrior tweaked and Khergit Heavy Infantry now weakend
- Some polehammers and poleaxes tweaked
- Crusaders renamed Templars (As they should have been from the start)
- Consable of Jerusalem inteligence fixed
- Vaegir Knight tweaked

It is save compatible but the Khergit Heavy infantry says level 24 that upgrades to 22  :sad:. So for full effect start over! :grin:

Lords and Realms 1.404 features:

- Lords and Realms siege pack
      - 57 new scenes (only one Swadian castle was untouched which had 2 ladders in original) 
      - every siege scene has 2 ladders for castles, 3 ladders for cities and 1 ladder and 1 siege tower for castle/city
      - huge work done by NICK.ALTMAN, Xamim and Osugi       
- 5 new capital arenas (more ornamental and new props)
- new unit tree (10 units) Ibelin Knights
- Crusaders reequipped and reworked ( 2 new units, Crusader pikeman and Constable of Jerusalem)
- 4 pike items(itm no. 458, 459, 460 and 461) rebalanced (30% weaker, 10% shorter, large hook pike can be swinged now)
- new Priest unit ( I kinda misted priests around). They have wound treatment and healing skills
- Mercenay knights tweaked
- Caravan master tweaked
- some swords, poleaxes and hammers tweaked
- player equippment tweaked

WARNING: AI is set to use all ladders and towers from the entry point. No one can guarantee that AI will use all ladders if you move soldiers around in battle.

Version 1.306:

- follow the spy mission fixed and tweaked. Spy looks like a spy and the partner has a larger and stronger escort
- kingdom and escort caravans made stronger
- every village has a militia that helps the villagers to defend the village (they have coat of arms of the landlord)
- village farmes now Serfs
- trobulsome and ransom bandits tweaked
- mecrenary knights tweaked
- Outlaw tweaked
- Forest bandit tweaked
- more music by Arch3r

Version 1.304
- not save compatible

- Tournaments:
            - new equipment (all helmets, shields, weapons, horses and armor)
            - larger bets
            - by winning player gains more money and more experience
            - also player gains more renown
            - harder fights
            - fighters tweaked
            - 2 guys fighting in the back while you speak with the tournament master have new gear (I hate that yellow hood and tunic) 
- added about 20 mega cool new helmets, some lances and a horse
- Swadian knight and Castle guard tweaked
- all Tournament Masters reequipped
- Mercenary knights tweaked
- Crusade renegate lord tweaked
- More Metal Sound 1.4 version included
- new default banners
- Elite Guard made much stronger (Nords)
- 11 new "Outlaw/Sea Raider" units (this should fix the loot problem, no more tons of Great Bardiche)
- starting player equipment tweaked
- some minor changes to townsmen and merchants in towns
- maybe more that I forgot

Version 1.206
- More Metal Sound Mod 1.3 by Checkmaty added
- about 30 items that were not accesible are now avalible in the shops (shields, helmets, armor, boots,...)
- Rhodok Heavy Infantry tweaked
- 4 axes fixed to have cuting not piercing damage
- maybe more that I forgot

Version 1.205 Patch

UnRaR and overwrite the existing files. It's save compatible.

New features in Lords and Realms 1.205 Patch:
- patrol has player flag
- grammar corrections to items
- great jousting helm has been removed and a ghulam helmet placed instead
- some helmets attributes have been corrected
- some player kingdom names changed
- Teutonic knight and Brigand master tweaked
- conversation corrections
- maybe something else that I forgot

Version 1.205
- not save compatible

New features in Lords and Realms 1.2:
- 5 new plate armors
- about 25 new surcoats and other armors
- 20 new helmets
- different prices for prisoners
- new Teuton troop tree (10 units)
- new Rhodoks with extra unit (veteran infantry)
- new Vaeghirs
- Outlaws, Schorcher, Bandit masters and lords, Militia and Sea Raiders tweaked
- some lords and kings tweaked with new equippment
- Swadians, Nords and Khergits tweaked
- names of the player kingdoms tweaked. Some Kingdoms, some Grand Duchies, some Empires and some Khanats.
- autoloot fix
- culture fix
- maybe something else that I forgot

Version 1.1b
- 2 main fixes. Player kingdom has caravans and bribing bandits actually costs money.
- it is not save compatible with 1.0

New featuers of 1.1;
- 50 new horses
- 50 new banners
- new surcoats
- new helmets
- new shields
-10 or more new units
- new special unit tree, the crusaders
- new mercenary knights
- Swadians reequipped and tweaked, all units have new horses, factions more unique
- Nords reequiped and tweaked
- Lords and NCPs tweaked
- Bandits tweaked
- Land Lord tweaked
- New crosbowmen troops, Beserker for Nords and Heavy Swordsman for Swadians
- Praven reconstructed (easier to get to the Guild Master)
- Caravans corrected
- minor fix for 2 flags
- some items tweaked
- text and name fixes
- maybe more which I forgot

The mod looks now uber cool!

Most of work in implementing the play features was done by a wonderful man vonmistont. Thank you very much mate! You made a dream come true!

The features are:
[New troop tree] from Medieval Duke and Mercenaries Altman version by Luigi (tweaked by Altman).
# almost all units redone, all lords, soldiers, militias, bandits, sea raiders, etc. (tweaked by Altman some more).
# new equipment by Luigi (lots of helmets and pikes, hallberds, some new armor).
# new armor and new helmets from OSP Project and 1257 AD.
# generally all soldiers are better equipped and more soldiery and therefore more dangerous.
# new Crusader troop tree
# some new mercenaries

[Kingdom Management] from AoM by Highlander
# If you capture a town or a castle without claimant or without oath you can create a new kingdom.
# From Camp menu you can recruit 20 new lords. You can't have more lords than you have centres.
# You can give/take fiefs to your lords. Order your lords to stay in their castle to garrison it.
# New kingdom names, based on centre you captured.
# Player kingdom has Caravans.

[Patrols, Bandits, Taverns] from NNY by Geoffrey Ashe
# You may tell any soldier from your army to form Patrol. The soldier creates new party. You may give troops and issue orders to this party. You may dissolve a Patrol and take back troops but be warned, you may only take all troops or none, so try to keep patrol capacity at least 1 pint below your main party maximum capacity.
# Upkeep for troops in patrol is 50% higher (also your party screen now shows correct wages you will pay for all your troops in party, patrols and garrisons, so you won't be supprosed)
# You can bribe bandits (Scorchers and Bandit Lord party) to join your party. You must have enough capacity to take them.
# You may hire refugees, militia recruits and townsmans in taverns.
# You can buy ale in taverns to increase your party's morale.

[Autoloot] by fisheye
# Real bless if you like to keep many companions.

[Game features]
# Lords kept in castles are now less likely to escape 15% (prisoner tower 2%).
# You collect taxes from all fiefs by visiting just one.
# Engineering reduces cost and time slightly.
# Mill gives 5% bonus every month and school gives 1 point bonus every 2 weeks.
# You can talk to Village Elder from village menu.

If somebody wants to support the mod here is the signature link:
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