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Click here to download v0.17 at the MB Repository

  • Fixed prop duplication
  • Adjusted hunger bonuses of food
  • Fixed building controls display not showing up with survival mode turned off
  • Fixed drinking from wells
  • Greatly improved prop movement (demonstration video coming soon)
  • Major redesigns of many menus
  • Mining and woodcutting skills now actually affect the amount of resources you get
  • Fixed a multitude of minor bugs
  • Fixed the weird "cheering" bug that happened when taking items from a container
  • Resource amounts gained from mining and woodcutting, as well as the resource requirements for crafting have been rebalanced
  • Added grabbable fish to rivers
  • Made a new map
  • Implemented drowning
  • Completely redesigned crafting system
  • Improved the default vest model and redid the texture from scratch
  • Several completely remodeled props
  • Fixed a bug that caused skill randomization to give out uneven numbers
  • There are no longer any "high quality" or "low quality" items
  • Trees are now randomized around the map at points specified by the map maker
  • Setting a bounty on a player is now done through the player list
  • The Q menu has now been incorporated into the player list (the one that comes up when you press tab)
  • More performance enhancing tweaks
  • The mod folder has been reduced in size due to cutting out a lot of useless textures and whatnot
  • Added tools to the buy menu
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