MP Dont disconnect players after a match concludes

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Its so weird that after a match completes we get disconnected to the menu. Would be fun to reward the best players with some fun statistics and also carry on the players to the next match instead of booting us straight back to the menu.........
Oh yeah, we have been wanting that since the start of the beta. Over 1 and a half year ago.

Getting kicked out of the game after every round gives you greater incentive to stop playing after a round rather than continue.
Imagine after a game, everyone can select one out of 3 maps and the most voted gets played in the next game, which starts directly without going for a search again. Would be pretty cool..

But gotta say, it kind of restricts new players from joining games and getting a variation in players in general.
I have to admit I believe this is the largest reason why MP numbers aren't retained.

Last night I played 120 Man siege game - brilliant stuff. Round ends - bounced back to the menu. Next siege game had 30-40 people (rising to about 50-60 towards the end).

People just take that as a cue to log off. If the game had bounced straight into another match I can guarantee you 100+ would have stayed (and more would have joined the popular server).
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