Donating troops and the "limit to it". 1.60

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When you enter a castle or town, you'll see that it have a garrison and how many units is in it.
You will also see a + or - pending if they have room for more troops or if they are above the threshold.
From looking at it, and from manageing my own clans, I belive this is based on the AI lords haveing put some max denars pr day cap, so they dont go bankrupt(if all else is well, like its not starving then there is negative cause of that etc).

But lets say that the castle/town is in a good spot, but you feel that it have a bit few troops guarding it, donate troops.
After you do that you'll see that the garrison have grown and the number of + or - is still there.
Then you donate a few more troops in this case 2 soldiers.
However now you'll see that the + that it had, is suddenly reverted to -, and if you watch it you'll see it looseing the donate excessive troop.

To avoid this, it could be an idea to have a ui tip that actually showed how much the current wage or wagelimit is close, and when you donate the troops you'll see that it goes over or below, and thus instead of putting 5 max tier soldiers in the garrison you could instead put 10 mid tier instead etc or get an indication of that you can "only" put 4 to keep it within the wagelimit.

I wouldnt rate this as a "high on the list of things to do". But something perhaps to do, so we dont really end up wasteing troops etc needlessly.

This also kind of is an issue in some cases, as the King is rich and he is the default owner and thus if its a newly conquered fief the army will donate alot of troops.
However the lord who gets the fief is poor, so you'll see the shift being - from he takes over.(this is mostly in regards to castles, and not towns mind you that I've observed)
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