[DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

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Kohath said:
The_Cardboard_Box said:
#Hype! :grin: TCB looking forward to claim back what it deserved :'D
Not this time. This time it`s coming home!
Last time, the leading goal scorer for DoF had a pc malfunction and couldnt play for the remainder of the tournament. Well, sorry to say to all the other clans, but he is back now...
M&B Warband: Javby Friday Night! 29/03/24 @19GMT / 20CET / 3pm EDT

Javby is amazing multiplayer experience unlike any other!

Dear members of DoF community You are more than welcome to join us in this Blast from the Past game mode.

We will be reminiscing the Golden Age of M&B multiplayer and all the great times we had play Warband and its mods.

Javby is Native compatible mode, so you only need to have latest version of Warband installed.

We will be using DoF discord for this event. Game server and pw will be provided via discord.

When: Friday 29/03/24 @19GMT / 20CET / 3pm EDT
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