does the path finding skill stack?

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for example if i have 2 skill points in path finding and another guy in my party has 2 points in path finding as well, will my party get +12% map speed instead of just 6%?


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Training is the only skill that stacks across all characters in the party (not troops).  Leader / personal skills get no benefits from any character other than the player / party leader's skill (if you make one of your companions a vassal lord, his/her personal skills will affect his/her own party, but not yours).  Party skills can be shared between a companion and the party leader.  The total party skill is the highest companion skill plus a bonus based on the leader's skill.  For example, Jeremus has surgery 4 and I have surgery 2.  My party's surgery skill displays as 4(+1) = 5, which comes from Jeremus's skill plus a bonus for my skill.  I get that bonus even for skills where my character is the best in the party.  Bonuses are +1 at 2, +2 at 5, +3 at 8, and +4 at 10.  So the max skill possible is 14
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