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Does Quality of Troops Matter in Garrisons or Just Numbers?

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Joe Friday

The question is the title.
Does the quality of the troops matter in siege simulations or is it solely based off numbers? I would assume it's a combination of both. I try to throw in a good handful of top tier infantry and archers to bolster the militia and mid tiered garrison forces. I often wonder if I'm wasting my time and coin in doing so.
If the quality does make a difference in siege simulations then how much of a difference does it actually make?

Thank you for your valuable time.


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Quality. Each unit gives it's tier amount to security. but each also eats the same amount of food and of course higher tier cost much more. SO you want to balance how many of what tier with your food supply and your finances.

Likewise the enemy sees the power of all fiefs like the eye of Sauron and the tier of troops matters, just like you can have 200 troops and attack a 500 man army and you power bar is bigger because your troops are better.

Keep in mind though, because the AI will put together massive armies it's not really viable to try to scare them off with a big garrison. Rather you should have enough garrison to have + security and then troops you want for replacements as needed. In fact having a reasonable garrison that may attract say an army or 400-500 can be useful as this amount of enemies is very handle-able with a good party. If they only wait and bring a 1k army that will get annoying or create a real problem for you.
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Additional info, re: when a siege happens:

Quality also matters in autocalc Siege resolution, in the usual tier'd way but with a potentially huge "fortifications bonus" for the defending troops. While the Governor does not fight, I have some reason to believe that their perks may matter as well (the Governor ones do, certainly. Would have to code dive to see what Personal and combat perks apply too). There is also some modest Morale factor based on tier, I think.

I have had great success -in autocalc fights- with midsized garrisons of 90% t5 archers behind tier 3 walls easily racking up 5x or better KDRs, even if the enemy goes 2x Towers and a Ram.

Now, let's be plain. The AI attacker will almost never attempt a siege, even if no relief is to intervene, that it is not very likely to eventually carry if it maintains it to the Assault Phase. But you can absolutely murder a vastly outsized besieger with a timely relief (if you have moderately large forces at your disposal) or Use Your Party Alone by slipping into the besieged settlement. You lose some troops getting in, but that is vastly to your advantage as either you can "Anada" the siege (play it live, killing half the attackers personally :razz: ) or autocalc with your troops getting all your perks, your party morale, and the fortification bonus. You can also force the resolution to happen in no Strat Layer time by your presence, rather than it ticking over days, which may be to your advantage.

Hope that helps!

Joe Friday

Thank you for your timely replies. I figured both quality and quantity mattered. I'll keep leaving some of my top tier troops in the garrisons. Hopefully that will deter the fools that dare oppose my kingdom.
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