Does Melancholic calm down?

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Hello, I am new to Viking Conquest and was giving the campaign story mode a try. I really enjoyed the idea of choosing a personality for the character I was playing and creating more of an identity than in most M&B games.

The character I ended up making is a Norse Shaman with the priest backgrounds. He is a healer who wants to prevent warriors from dying to less-worthy wounds, especially off the battlefield. No warrior should die from an infection in a small cut. He wants to keep warriors alive so that their deaths will be truly worthy of getting them to Valhalla.

I chose the Melancholic personality for both the stats (had a guide up) and because it sounded like it fit as well. The beginning started well with the first personality-related dialogue option talking about learning from dreams, very shaman-like and I was super into it. I liked it a lot.

But that was the only good option so far. Every other Melancholic dialogue option has been wild screaming about my character's mother. Shouting at whoever he's talking at that he needs revenge, even if the other person is being cooperative. I went back on a test character to the same options with Phlegmatic, and those options were far more reasonable.

For those who have played further in the story with Melancholic, does it calm down any? Or does the character stay a screaming wild animal? I really was hoping to have more of the shamanistic vibes instead.
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