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Suggestion General Documentation on Audio "Events"

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The documentation on adding audio is currently very limited.
We have methods of adding audio files to the game, but this is very limited.

Firstly, the voice_definitions file is not possible to add to a module with the submodule. It should be possible to overwrite the vanilla one with modded ones.

Secondly, with the current information it is only possible to play 1 audio clip per voice type.
<voice type="Charge" path="event:/voice/combat/male/04/commands/charge" face_anim="attack" />
An example of a voice type from Bannerlord for the "charge" command. The command can trigger different audio clips randomly. For example, "Charge!", "Attack!", etc.
These audio clips come from the path, "event:/voice/combat/male/04/commands/charge".
But modders can only point to one a single audio clip in the path. Documentation or support for adding multiple randomized audio clips would be appreciated.


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I support with John_M suggestion on this one. Such an update should definitely come, I have nothing else to say 👍
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