LSP Fantasy 3D Art Docm30's The Lord of the Rings Weaponry + Scabbards Added 12 May.

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Out of boredom, I made a few LotR weapons and have decided to release them as LSP.

You're free to use them for your mods under the following conditions
-Docm30 is properly created as the sole creator and owner of the weapons, except for the design of the weapons, which I guess is owned by Weta or New Line Cinema
-You can redistribute them as part of a mod, but not seperate from a mod
-They can't be sold or used for any commercial purpose without my clear consent.

Last Updated: 12 May, 2013. Scabbards added. Some sizes adjusted.

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*Lumos is so despaired of his lame texturing skills when he compares them to some other people's, that he gets off the chair, grumbling under his nose. His words are unintelligible, although he does look furious and waves his fist in the air a bit. He paces around in this condition, then something inside him breaks and he bursts out crying, after which he manages to get to a corner and stays there, sobbing quietly*

Amazing, amazing work. Very nice indeed... I could only wish I knew how to achieve such awesomeness in my puny attempts...


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Absolutely beautiful. It seems as if I could reach right into the picture and take them out of it.

Is there a "Modeller of the Year" award?


It's all lovely work. I'd like to point out a very minor issue with Faramir's sword - the crosspiece doesn't actually bend downwards.

It does in the very poorly done unofficial reconstructions, but not the original. The crosspiece is actually very very close to being straight, with the slightest of angles towards a downward bend, but that could be the camera lens as well. It does get wider on the lower edge towards the tips of the piece, which also contributes to the impression that it's bent. The crosspiece also seems a bit more slender than your model has, but that could be my eyes seeing things.




and example of a poor copy is this one:
Yeah, Merlkir, all the pictures of the real props I had were rubbish quality and I guess the angle of the bottom edge tricked my eyes and made it seem like the whole thing was bent down. I've corrected it as much as I can without redoing the high-poly, which isn't really worth the effort.


Shame no one seems to make proper replicas of this. It's a decent sword.
It is indeed, here's the site my friend and I used for reference, when we tried (and failed!) to do this sword.
Now that I've added Boromir's sword and Herugrim, I'm going to call this finished for now. I'll probably come back to it to make some scabbards sometime, though.


Certainly the best Rohanese sword (I love that Sutton Hoo-esque pommel), but I'm not sure there's room on the texture for it. I'll see if I can't squeeze it in, though.

Otherwise, if I start a new texture sheet for more weapons, I'll definitely do it.


I really wonder that , what is the secret of making great models like this OSP? Can you record a video for tutorial? :smile:
Can I assist you to some other artifacts within the lore to be made? Like the...

In any case, you could richen this treasure with more of these.

Orcrist - Thorin's Sword
Sam's Barrow Blade
Saruman's and Gandalf's Staff
Sauron's Mace
Radagast's Gnarled Staff
Morgul Blade
The Mithril-Coat
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