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This thread is severely out of date. Instead I recommend looking at these two threads:,240255.0.html - The Ultimate Introduction to Modding by Lumos,326973.0.html - Warband Modder's Download Repository by Lav

Well, this is for all those newbies out there who want to try their luck at modding. you're lucky I'm bored, or you would eventually start a thread that people will hate you for. Something along the lines of:
"hi can u teach me how 2 mod im a noob  :sad:"
So, I've put these guides together so that anybody who actually wants to help them out only has to post one link, as opposed to a bunch.
Modding basically revolves around what is called the module system. You can use the module system to make your first mod.

The module system works somewhat like this: It basically translates the random numbers that you would see were you to open a module's folder into relatively readable material that you can easily change, and quickly and easily apply these changes. It is the largest and most important thing you will ever need to make a mod.

Well, the first thing to do to make a mod should be: Go into C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules (or wherever you have M&B installed) find the folder titled "Native". Simply copy and paste another one into the Modules folder. Rename the folder (It should say "Native-copy" or something similar) to whatever you want your module to be called.
Then, download the module system. The first thing you want to do with that is open it up, go to the file titled "module_info", and set the export path from "C:/Program Files/Mount&Blade/Modules/Native" to "C:/Program Files/Mount&Blade/Modules/(your mod's name)/".
After that, read Winter's guide on how to use it. (In a link below). Start out small, making only small changes to troops. Hit build_module to see your changes in-game. When you get a basic feel for how the module system works, download Thorgrim's BRFedit (in a link below) and take a look at Yoshiboy's tutorial on how to add items to M&B.

Module system for Warband is released:,107054.0.html

WARNING: Not all guides/downloads may work with Warband

Module system 1.010!,49267.0.html

Old versions of M&B and their respective module systems:,30480.0.html (thanks to Septa Scarabae)

Rigging armors with Wings3d: (tool, thanks to Manitas),55698.0.html

Throgrim's BRFedit:,8771.0.html

Throgrim's map editor:,5646.0.html

Item editor: (will work with 1.0),27735.0.html (thanks to jordan)
troop editor: (will work with 1.0),34154.0.html (thanks to HokieBT)


Before you make a topic:;advanced

Module system documentation: (an outdated but still useful guide to the basics of the module system),12.0.html
Module System Documentation 1.011: (Big thanks to jik),56798.0.html

A massive guide to an assortment of useful scripts: (Thanks to transvanio),78411.0.html

Tutorial on vertex animating with Thorgrim's BRFedit: (Thanks to Thorgrim) (new!),8771.msg450598.html#msg450598

Simple texturing tutorial: (thanks to Buxton),24446.0.html

Adding your own fonts: (Thanks to -GandalfTheGrey),6563.0.html

Adding the option to speak with the Village Elder from the village menu: (Thanks to HokieBT and some other bloke),

Another basic guide on mod-making: (Thank you Jubal)

Different method of naval battles+water travel: (Thanks to me! :grin:),69810.0.html

Texturing tutorial: (Thanks to Yoshiboy),14245.0.html

Adding Mirathei's sea battles: (Thanks to Jubal and Mirathei),52793.0.html

Making a new Quest: (Thanks to Kolba),53259.0.html

Making a new party on the map: (Thanks to Kolba),53192.0.html

Scene editing guide: (Thanks to Jubal)

Adding a new faction: (Thanks to Dindi/Grailknighthero),28839.0.html
OR: (thanks to ealabor/Mirathei),42588.0.html

Adding new items to M&B using wings3d:,6146.0.html (thanks to Yoshiboy)

Making only one banner per faction: (Thanks to Jubal)

Adding Chel's abilities scripts: (Thanks to Chel and Jubal)

Rigging tutorial: (Thanks to Yoshiboy),15272.0.html

Switching banners between lords/kings: (Thanks to HokieBT),51128.0.html

Basic modelling tutorial: (written),10868.msg177875.html#msg177875 (thanks to Highelf)

Making teleports and healers: (thanks to Kolba),53675.0.html

Downloadable modelling videos:,24463.0.html (thanks to Highelf)

Making weapon textures: (for .960),42137.0.html (thanks to James)

Disabling NPC arguments: (useful and easy!),46630.0.html

Unwrapping tutorial:,11531.0.html

Making scenes and scene props:,11559.0.html

Adding custom music to the game: (Does NOT work with 1.0),24458.0.html
1.0 compatible guide on adding custom music:,50101.msg1300258.html#msg1300258


AI army reinforcement:,51401.0.html

How to Install Mods for Mount & Blade,9715.0.html

(To use when releasing a mod:smile:
Mod Installer Script: (Thanks to Janus),5488.0.html

Modding tips and limits: (thanks to ealabor),52642.0.html

How to copy items from mod to mod, by D'Sparil:,22899.0.html

Mod Makers Q&A thread. If you have a small question, ask here:,6575.0.html

For comprehensive lists of historical names by culture.  Good for historical mods. (Thanks to saxondragon)

Here is a nice link for colors for our factions and bandits (Thanks to saxondragon)

And to convert the hex values to a usable format for the factions file: (Thanks to saxondragon)

OSP project, recommended you check here to see if someone's made an item you would like to have but don't want to make:,50086.0.html (Credits to maw, Llew2, and all the modellers and anybody who've helped with this. (Too many to list))

A bunch of assembled guides on doing ****. VERY useful.,15562.0.html

Also, as this is a recurring problem, How to take a screenshot. Then, upload the image to any image hosting site, such as imageshack or photobucket. Then, copy the "direct link" (as it's called for photobucket, not sure about imageshack) and paste it in between and /img]. (with a [ in front of /img], I just couldn't post the whole thing because then nothing shows up.) If that fails, just posting a link will work too.

IMPORTANT NOTE! There is a chance that after installing python and the module system, You will get an error when you go to "build_module". It should say "Python is not recognized as...". If you get that, look [url=,35044.0.html]here. [/url][/spoiler]

Well, that's almost everything you'd need to know on how to make a (basic) mod.

Hope I didn't forget anything.

[color=red]Please Note:
The Module System WILL NOT work if you have python 3.0 installed. It is only compatible with python 25 and python 26!

Also, DO NOT ask for this topic to be stickied. While I appreciate the support, the admins have already said that they do not wish to set this topic as a sticky.[/color]


good job, Ruthven.
very useful, having all those links on one place.
should elimnate some noobs.

Sir Bommel

kavien said:
good job, Ruthven.
very useful, having all those links on one place.
should elimnate some noobs.

Agreed on all points, except that now there will be plenty of Recruits asking for an alternative download resource...  :lol:


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Thanks Ruthven, I think this is a very good start, but I would suggest adding an overview of the concept of modding, and organize this post a little better.  Pretend the person reading has no experience or knowledge at all.  I'd suggest a brief overview of what mod's are and explain the directory structure and how mods are placed under the 'Modules' folder.  Explain that the module system is basically a programming language that creates the text files that are used to play the game.  Therefore, it is possible to create mod's by directly editing the text files with the unofficial tools but usually more advanced modding requires using the module system and the python programming language.  Maybe create an outline or break the post into different sections like....

- overview
- the module system (add a link to installing python or the python not recognized post as well)
- editing text files directly (add a link to,46290.0.html)
- creating or adding new items (3d modeling, copying items, brf edit, etc)
- etc



Good job, Ruthven. If think this thread will help some newbies, if they'll ever find it :razz:.


Thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping this will get stickied, but probably not.
Anyways, Hokie, thanks, I think I'll maybe put a little more time into the original post.


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This thread will have to be sticked someday because this will be great help to any new modders, including me.  I have been doing small personal modding for Mount and Blade for my own fun experiences.  This thread with the informatino you wrote will be great help to me someday.  Keep up your great work on this thread.


Eagle out...


Right, well done. Mind if I nick the links?

That's the exilian tutorial contents, it's got most things covered, but actually it would be good if anyone wanted to help us expand it, I'd really like to make the tuorials section into a fully developed modcyclopedia with lots of stuff it.
That should also help anyone doing scene editing.
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