Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

Do you want more complex features in Bannerlord?

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We kinda have this feature, you can put pikemen and spearmen into one formation in the party screen menu, after the order of battle feature drops we are also going to have the ability to make them start at the front instead of sending them there every single time.

You can turn off throwing by choosing the formation and pressing F4. Yet i do agree, i wish we could change weapons on command that would be grand.
I want to be able to change weapons for the AI in captain mode, with the legionary you can get the perk to use maces but i've had situations where the AI won't switch to it against armoured enemies

But I wonder, in the case with 900 looters against legionaries, why does not the looters swarm the flanks and surround them, as they should have in vanilla? Would that not been an even better tactic?
They eventually do that, but smaller group is constantly backpedaling. This is fringe case really, the system is designed around more balanced army strength in which case defenders dont backpedal so much and attackers dont die in 1 hit because they got shield and some basic armor so they can stand in front of defenders at least for a little while. Which eventually leads towards partial envelopment.


I have not fought in real battles to be familiar with the behavior of the participants. It is a little strange for me that some of the soldiers just stand and watch how their comrades fight, instead of trying to help them and flank the enemies. I also worry that one such battle would take too much time
Mainly I voted with big Yes because I fully agree, that the game at this stage badly need from good diplomacy like diplomacy mod in Warband or
Also more control over your troop formations partially represented as playable mod here:
At the end: travelling by sea is just awesome feature
Unfortunately, with this development speed, probably I would not have the good fortune to wait and play a final version with all these improvements, but I hope, some day my grandchildren would have this opportunity!
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I haven't tried the mods myself but just from looking at the videos it look like fighting along side your troops must be a lot easier and interesting for the player.
Playing in vanilla I tend to stay out of the big fights because I just get swarmed by both sides and can't move at all.


Not sure if this has been said already, didnt read the entire thread :oops: TL;DR

I wish I could make my own custom formations or there was more formations to pick from.
I wish I could have different units in the same formation.
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