Do you think smithing skill should be removed?

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Hard no from me on removing smithing. I would just rather see stamina regen while your traveling, the stop and wait for it is easily the worst aspect of the skill for me as it stands as compared to something you can do as you stop into towns between travels without sitting for a day every stop. There are of course a few mods that fix this and are still working at least upto 1.7.0 as it stands but I'm fixing to start a full vanilla play because understandably taleworlds isnt as keen on looking at bug reports from modded games.

Otherwise in games where I decide to work on it the ability to make just what your in the mood to use is pretty awesome.


I enjoy a lot crafting weapons up to my own specifications, but smithing as it works currently is too grindy and easy to exploit.

I think that improving orders was a great way to make it more balanced, and I'd personally take it a step further. Make all crafted weapons, regardless of quality, just much much cheaper to sell, making the only viable way to earn denars with smithing through orders. Then buff a little the amount of orders that pay +100k denars each, so that say 4 out of 10 towns had at least one +100k order. I think at that point it'd be a comparable money making method to trading in profits, and it wouldn't be as broken as it is right now.

I really do love crafting my own silly weapon creations for fun, like tiny polearms, or extremely long bonk hammers, or whatever. The stamina system is very restrictive to be any fun though.

So that's the two big changes I'd love to see. Buff orders while simultaneously making crafted weapons very cheap to sell, that way you can still make money but not in an easily to exploit way, and change the way stamina system works so you aren't stuck in cycles of sitting down in a city waiting for it to refill.
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