Do you think smithing skill should be removed?

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This may be unpopular but I think smithing skill should be removed entirely. It's not immersive at all that YOU should be the one that make the weapons and need to spend his own time and experience training in that particular field, between a war and another. Also as it is implemented is a very cheap and grindy mechanic which is difficult to balance with the whole game economy system and thus easy to exploit.

If you go to a blacksmith in a city you can ask if he can make you a weapon, and then you make it yourself. It just don't fit well as a concept and the implementation is utterly garbage. Reminds me of f2p mobile game

I think however that the game mechanic to be able to customize your personal equipment is a great idea because adds so much flavor to the game loop especially in late game.
However you shouldn't be able to make an economy out of it because then it should work as another workshop. My 2 cents

What do you think about smithing?


I had never thought of the idea of removing smithing from the game before.. But you might be up to something here. I actually agree with all your points, as in - "you either do it well of you don't do it at all'".

I guess my only concert is, that keeping it in provides an extra role play possibility. I roleplayed couple of times as an engineer/blacksmith, but because of your aforementioned reasons, it wasn't very satisfying experience.
In my current playthroughs I completely ignore smiting, it's a dead skill to me.

Anyway I wouldn't want to take away an element that others might enjoy. However if smithing skill was replaced by some other more relevant intriguing skill.. ?
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Im fine with smithing altought I dont believe it should have its place among other importat skills. The crafting system is fine but the overall mechanic is boring and noninitiative. It all comes down to getting a "Smith" companion and waiting for smithing stamina to be restored. It feels so artifical.


I guess my only concert is, that keeping it in provides an extra role play possibility.

Anyway I wouldn't want to take away an element that others might enjoy. However if smithing skill was replaced by some other more relevant intriguing skill.. ?
I think this are the focal points of the discussion indeed.
It is true that it can bring some kind of role play possibility but at the end of the day you are going to conquer kingdoms.
If the original reason to smithing was to bring new ways to interact with the game world you should be able to role play as many many others elements, such as being a serf in a settlement farming or a young lad ready to go into the ranks of a mighty lord, as well as being able to make your way through the high stakes of the kingdoms by other means instead of just be this random guy that goes after looters 50% of the time for the first hours of a game. And this comes to the conclusion that adding smithing as a skill is not necessary at all and just feels like a reason to fill a part of the skill tree.

But then, which skill do you add instead that have meaningfull impact on the mechanics? I actually dont know but i'm confident that a solution can be founded.

At the end i dont think TW is going to remove smithing as a skill because i asked on a forum. I hope a mod will address this in the future and if not i will try to make it

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For 400 hours I played BL, I spent 30 minutes on smithing. It is unimmersive for me and it is exploitable as hell. Smithing should be like in Witcher in this game where you can find ordinary blacksmiths or rare master blacksmiths to forge what you want.
What do you think about smithing?
Yes. I posted about this before. It would serve the game very well if you would PAY a blacksmith to make things for you instead of play this ridiculous unbalanced blacksmith minigame. The current implementation is completely divorced from the rest of the game. You even have a stamina bar you need to fill by resting in towns. Not to mention the immediate text messages you get from buyers.

TW should have the courage to say "ok this doesn't work" and remove it.
It shouldn't be removed per se - crafting is a popular feature in many fairly complex games; but currently the skill seems really out of place compared to the others because it is just too specific - meaning that its purpose is solely making weapons and nothing else. I still think smithing is going to be re-worked.

For those who haven't been following the development from the beginning, TW seemed to have a system in which we'd be able to have the spare parts of weapons, like "faceted oval guard" in your inventory, presumably from loot, so that you could mix and match. Seemed cool, but we never knew how smithing would actually affect it. I believe they've eventually dropped this.

Historically, smiths weren't only making weapons and armour, but also a plethora of useful daily items like nails, tools parts, chains, horseshoes That said, it would make sense if the smithing perks would affect other aspects of the game, pretty much like the other skill's perks do:

-Perks giving you extra damage, faster weapons for you and/or troops or even a special effect
-Some perks could enhance your armour - lighter materials allowing you faster movement, extra protection
-Perks could definitely improve the siege weapons allowing them to be more resilient to damage
-Medicine (surgical instruments)
-Tracking (reinforced wagon wheels)

Just off the top of my head, but I think it would make it much more interesting than having Steel Making I-II-III if you ask me. If repairing would ever be in game, this skill would be crucial.

I would go even beyond, though probably for a mod - I think "Smithing" should be named "Crafting" instead, and you'd have branches to make different item categories, like making scrolls and parchments/books, jewellery making,etc


I think what makes the smithing interesting is that you can get rare material from battlefield or treasure chest in cities or others plays, then you can smithing a very nice arms which you can not buy in shop. This make this game more like rpg. But now the smithing system is boring and not immersed, just like many other system BL has.


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Whatever you might think of smithing, removing it is a stupid idea. Remember, modders could make something fun based on the smithing system. They could make armor crafting, magic spell writing, better commissions, more materials, etc.


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I just ignore it until it´s fixed, doesn´t need to be removed because the AI doesn´t use it, as far as I know.


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Commissioning items would indeed be of more use to those who do not wish to grind for such a boring mini-game skill.

I would also support removing the smithing stamina after balancing the pricing of raw materials and crafted items such that smithing cannot be exploited to invariably generate positive income.


For 400 hours I played BL, I spent 30 minutes on smithing. It is unimmersive for me and it is exploitable as hell. Smithing should be like in Witcher in this game where you can find ordinary blacksmiths or rare master blacksmiths to forge what you want.

lol same. I didn't bother exploiting the javelins because
1) I hate the mechanic.
2) That would destroy my whole game.

I would like to put an order to one of my companions or a blacksmith on a city I'm controlling thought, that could fit great on the type of character we tend to build on this game.


I dont think it should be removed but I agree that it isnt very "realistic" in the sense that a lord is a blacksmith and metal hoarder in his sparetime. Perhaps it could be made an option or part of some kind of challenge or quest.

It is true that it makes the game rather easy or 'exploitable' eventhough its a SP game, sonehow I feel the game would be more M&B without blacksmithing, regardless of how cool feature it objectively is.

The mechanic or feature is there, its been worked on, prolly for a long time, it would be really stupid to just remove it, this will never happen.


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Smiths should be used to repair or upgrade armors or weapons, ours and our parties too, as it is, the smiths are only used to cheat and waste time.


Here is the thing, economy in the game is right now extremely unbalanced. For some reason TW is going for cheap grindy mechanics in order to increase playtime in bannerlord rather than giving people actual content that they won't get bored of so quickly. The reason i am saying this is because, think about buying a top tier armor set in this game. It will take you around 600k+- to get the entire gear. Lets say you don't want to be a trader or do smithing the amount of time you have to spend in order to make this much money is ridiculus for a singleplayer game. Like at this point just grab it from cheats it doesn't matter because by the time you are getting it you will at least destroy a faction. Also do keep in mind that how boring the game is when all you are doing is just fight, fight, fight, fight, fight forever. With no meaningful interactions with any of the notables, with no unique quest or dialogs, no feasts, no side content NO NOTHING. the only thing that makes everything slightly baerable for me right now is the existance of smithing. It is so sad because as far as content goes TW just didn't implement the most fun parts of Warband for some reason. Like i do not understand how they can spend literally more than a decade designing and making a game and it still ends up so boring and empty. I know it is still EA and there might be more content on the way after the fixes but at this point none of the devs give any roadmap on anything i kinda feel like they will just toss the ball on modders, wich is sad.


All I can think of when I see the skill tree is that someone played Skyrim and thought "hey maybe we should use the same system with our game", when in reality the scope of this games are so much different.

I miss so much the proficiencies which in BL are just incorporated in and are the base skills.
Not to talk about the unnecessary overly complicated progression system


I also think that this smithing should be reworked. I remember in some early days of development crafting parts supposed to be found on map, not by randomly discovered by smelting (couldn't find the video to prove it ). Also I think that a npc blacksmith would be a good idea. Crafting weapons of your design or repairing the gear u loot from battles shouldn't be to hard to add to the game.
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