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Do you need LODs?

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So, for some reason that I cannot comprehend, I feel like making LODs. If you are in need of them drop me a PM or post here. Keep in mind that if the object is rigged you'll have to re-rigg it afterwards.
That's all I guess.
See ya.


Nnngh, lods are annoying.

How can you want to make them? Eh, I guess some people get riled up from doing math, so to each his own.


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It's a less exact version of a model, so when you have a couple lods, the comp runs smoother.


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Basically, you have the normal sword model of 200 polygons, and another one of say 100 or less. When the NPC with the sword is far away, the computer will switch to the LOD (thus easing the CPU load) and will switch back to the standard model when it gets in a certain range.

That's what I heard at least.


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Yea I think it is like that to.It would seam to be the most logic answer. But when talking about logic. If the computer find a object in a various distance it will change to the more detailed mesh. But if it was fixes distances you would only be enabled to have a only a few lods. But I see that people uses different amounts of lods. So is the computer counting out the amount of lods and divide that with the seeing range?
But if so. It would be easier for the computer if you had 2 lods than 3. Since the computers math system is based on 2.
And then. 16 lods  would be the best answer lod amount. Since the next logical number would be 256.

So how does it really work?
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