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Do you enjoy mods with big maps?

Do you enjoy mods with enormous maps?

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I always wondered if I am the only one bothered by this, I do not enjoy a mod when the map is huge, they make campaigns impossible, most of the towns and cities start to look the same and it gets boring because Warband lacks mechanic to make conquering big, large maps fun.
I understand some mods represent an historical place, like Gekokujo with Japan, but it still could be a reduced place and historical at the same time, leading to shorter games but with each place having more attention payed into it. I dont know, this is my sincere opinion, what do you think?
Same with big ass town/castle maps that just make it less fun conquering them.


I prefer a smaller map that's been fleshed out more, traveling can get so tedious. However large maps that have a lot of character like Viking conquest are fine, Because they keep the world fresh still everywhere


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The issue with big maps is the Trigger system which worked well in maps and parties (Units, towns, villages, etc) the size of Native. The trigger system and many codes in general have to be greatly adjusted to work right for bigger maps.
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